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Serpamia Flare Strip 040



There isn't much to this particular strip, clearly... I did have fun making the 'veil' graphic, though, that was quite fun. ^^ This marks the point of movement in this particular chapter, where things rapidly shift into gear (after the lull, where the characters converse calmly over the table). I can only hope I can do it justice. ~_~;

The problem with my really crappy inking skills really hit me when it came to thi strip. How much I had to edit with my tablet, you don't want to know. (And even so it looks crap.) I really ought to ink on cartridge paper so I don't half-ass it like this... -.-;

I've also started considering trashing all the inks I did up to the next five strips and just ink a new direction for this chapter. XP What a waste of ink, though! Bleh... I'll have to think about it...

Inked by hand and coloured on PhotoshopCS as usual. :3

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a bit weird...if she is rejected to go would she know that lady zinala wants to see anybody?! hmm.....haha maybe i'm just thinking too much. AND YOUR COLOURING IS NOT CRAP!