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Serpamia Flare Strip 028



Okay, after that SUPER LONG delay caused by the MT doujinshi I drew, I finally got to colouring this strip and posting it. Man am I glad they're out of that place. Now we can progress a little more in the story... sort of... >_>;;

This one was inked entirely by yours truly. And the inking sucks. Horribly. I rushed it and you can tell I was watching TV while inking it... ^^;

I'm afraid this strip probably isn't very clear about the passage of time. It's because I cut out a lot of panels I originally pencilled. There was one where Cain was getting into more trouble, one of him getting rid of an undead underwater, another of Kylie killing a snake-like beast and yet another of them simply walking through the cave. Honestly, though, if I had done all that I would have finished this next year. So I'm sorry but this will have to suffice ^^;

I got a little more creative with the lighting as they're supposed to be deeper into the cave, and I also had fun with the second last panel -- I kind of wish I'd given myself more sky to work on, they're starting to get pretty fun to do. (Even if I suck at making skies...)

Okay, next strip's inked and scanned but nothing else. Hopefully that will be done by the end of this week though. :P

Thanks for reading and for your patience everyone! :heart: Without you guys I'd have no motivation. :D

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