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Serpamia Flare Strip 026 - Redrawn



I had to readjust a few things in this page to make it fit the A4 ratio neatly. The biggest change from the old version is Kylie's horizontal cut instead of a vertical one, since I wanted it all fit neatly into one page.

One other adjustment that's irrelevant to the page ratio: I added some 'blood', kindasorta, to the red dreglyns. It did look a bit too dry in the old version but I also didn't want to go overboard with blood splatter for this page especially, so I contained the gore to a sort of dark and messy blur that hopefully does the trick in indicating what it needs to.

And one other change: Kylie's spot of dialogue, where she says 'for God's sake' - I changed it to 'Good grief' to fit the world better, and also make it a little more suited to Kylie's personality now that I have a better grasp of it.

Otherwise, this page is actually very close to the original in terms of composition and angles, but I do think this page is - in general - an improvement.

This is the original strip!

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((Ah, such a beautiful page from my favorite artist. :3 say, I'm quite bored and lonely ;-; so if its OK, you wanna do a short RP in the comments? If your not up to it that's OK. Hope your Halloween is he best btw. ;3))

It was a day of beautiful warmness, as he sun was rised up in the sky, over the peaceful forest below. The trees were blooming wih life as droplets from water drips down onto the soil ground, which would grow new life, of future flowers. The little critters, such as bunnies and butterflies wanders around their habitat within the deep woods. A bright beautiful river poor's down the water through its path, as it leads by to a grassy field, and within the outskirts of the forest, there was a boy, who lived within the forest, alone.
Jumping from tree to tree, the boy grins from the excitement he is having, being free in the wild. He always loved to do his daily excersize, such as jumping from tree to tree without a doubt of being hurt. His brown hair blew from the wind as his light blue eyes shined with a brave adventurous and innocent soul he has inside of him. With his yellow shirt, blue shorts, his short socks and round black rubbery shoes, is what made him different from other kids. He might look young like a 10 year old child, but he is mature like a 15 year old, which Iconicly that's his age. Having a big heart in him, and a happy go lucky personality, nothing would stop this boy from being the joyful kid he is. Soon, he reach to the tallest tree he could reach and climbs to the top to see the video of the forest. He takes a deep breath, inhaling the beautiful sent of mother nature, and sighing. He jumps down and swung form a branch, landing safely. As he got up, be had his usual innocent childish smile on his face as he giggled off into the woods, Joe was his name, the boy of joy he is. Making tracks down into the woods, following the acer trails of the woods, but what he doesn't know, what that someone else is in the woods, someone who wears a brown cloak, and has a big grin on his face.