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RO 100 Million Zeny Quest - 01



The script was co-written with an RO pal of mine, to whom the Soul Linker belongs~ he's 'SK'. :D The priest is mine, she's 'Shari'~ :heart:

Because I play on the Korean server, I have no idea what kind of terminology is used in the English one, so bear with me (or help me :3) please~ ^^; I have a Korean version of this comic that sounds a lot better. Actually, the title of the comic is originally Korean - 10억 벌기 - it's something my sister put in my guild subtitle (dunno what it's called proper in English XP). I'm really poor on RO, so this is not so much a goal as it is a dream. XD;

You can see how rusty I've grown from not-colouring for a while T_T; but hopefully that will improve!

There are probably a lot of glitches in the Soul Linker costume because there isn't official art out for it yet as far as I can tell. Ah wellz, hopefully it's convincing enough. ^^;

The strip will have a lot of different characters; this one just introduces two of them. :P Anyway, I hope to draw more of these soon. It's about time I paid some proper homage to the only MMORPG I play.

Drawn in pencil, scanned and coloured on Photoshop CS. :heart:
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heya, haven't been on deviantart for quite some time coz i'm too lazy to submit my own work so i got a zillion new deviations from u to look at muahahaha. ur cg-ing has not gone any worse, it's as gd as ever! hmph *so jealous* hehehe, luv this one hahaha especially the last strip :p