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Ghibli Celebration Boys rough



This is the piece I am doing under the request of who I am not sure is on devart much anymore, but is certainly still entitled to the request made loooong ago. ;_; I'm so sorry jordinary for taking so long!

Super rough, because this is my blue pencil. I scanned it in at a low contrast and then fiddled with it until you could see what was happening in it without squinting.

It's very hard to tell who's who because I suck, but hopefully the inks will help clarify this. From the left to right: Tombo (at the door) from Kiki's Delivery service, Haku (doing cufflinks) from Spirited Away, Asbel (combing hair) from Nausicaa Valley of the Wind, Pazu/Pasu (the groom) from Laputa Castle in the Sky, Howl (hair tied back, talking) from Howl's Moving Castle and on the very right is Ashitaka (holding a 'kerchief) from Mononoke Hime.

Basically, the scenario I have cooked up is that the once thirteen year old Pazu has now grown up quite a bit and is now marrying Sheeta. And who else to help him get ready than the heroes from other Ghiblis? :D I'm guessing that Asbel is most likely the best man, seeing that he's the only one 'older' (lol) than Pazu and he's the one who acts the older brother to him. Howl is giving advice about what to do on the first night, which is making Ashitaka uncomfortable... XD; Poor Pazu's probably not able to take in much because he's so nervous! Oh, and Tombo's at the door because he's there to tell them that he just checked, and there's three minutes left before Pazu has to go~

I like how Pazu came out, but I'm not sure about the others so much. I'll see what happens once the inks start flowing.

There is a companion piece to this one with all the corresponding heroines to all the heroes in this one~ [link]
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This and the one with the girls are both so cute!! I love your art style!!