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To The ZPD!

By Ruffu
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Here's a little break from the comic. A colored version, yay! 

Nick: So where's our ride?
Judy: Right over there.

Judy points to a very flamboyant pink bycicle- complete with a sidecar. Nick is shocked.

Nick: Haha! That's cute cotton-tail but really, where's the car?

Judy hops on to the bike and tosses him a custom made helmet with big rabbit ears at the top.

Nick: Yeah. Right. Like I'm putting this on. What happened to your pickup?
Judy: That wasn't mine; that was my parent's. I had to give it back.
Nick: And you're gonna huff it from here, the Rainforest District, with it's twisted muddy roads and extreme inclines, over to Downtown? In this... not-a-car.
Judy: Yep! Now get on!

Nick reluctantly and awkwardly climbs into the sidecar.

Judy: Besides, you need some fresh air!
Nick: At the rate will be, I think that might be the only thing I'll get toooo----

Judy cuts Nick off as she accelerates so fast that Nick is bumped to the back of the car. Judy bikes down the road, dodging obstacles and clearing turns like some drag racer as she heads towards the center of Zootopia.


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redrex96's avatar
Okay Judy If You Dont Want to be Cute Dont Act Cute.
SlasH19872018's avatar
okay, what the fuck?
ZanarNaryon's avatar
Man, I love the Art of zootopia concept art style you got going on
GeneralsAlert's avatar
Hi, I am Judy Hopps and welcome to Jackass.
Kodimarto's avatar
Hot Digety-dog! *Insert Adam West Batman music here* Sorry, the moment I saw the title I had to do that.:D
MartiniSnowfox's avatar
That is the mother of all the cool chopper or harley's :D  
MissterMatt's avatar
This is reminding me of that bike scene from Lilo and Stitch
websplorer's avatar
Why every time I see someone driving recklessly through a forest I always think about this song? :D
kacript's avatar
Oh yeah that cute little girls bike just screams law enforcement!
jyrriah's avatar
I laughed loud and long at this. Bravo
ShimmeringDewdrops's avatar
Oh, all the fun antics we'd witness were they actually in a situation like this! Great work on the pink bike and sidecar, and also Nick expression which just adds more comedy to the situation - especially considering Judy's excited and determined one. You drew everything quite nicely, and I like your coloring as well. It looks very much like an illustration in a comic book. Wonderful depiction!

Just imagine if instead of rushing to the ZPD, they were chasing a suspect...

Judy01 simmeh "I'm going to take a shortcut!"
Nick - Icon "Oh no. Carrots, whatever you do d-don't steer us towards the—"
Judy48 simmeh "Hang on tight, Nick!"
Nick Wilde (Deleted Scene) - Icon "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!"

*Blocks the path of the vehicle they were trying to apprehend giving reinforcements enough time to arrive*

Judy30 simmeh "Wooooooohaha ya! Did you see that Nick?! wasn't it awesome the way we just—"
Zootopia - Judy annoyed Icon "Woah. Are you okay, Nick?"
Nick - Icon "..."
Judy20 simmeh "Nick! Oh no! I'm so sorry! Please say something!"
Nick - Icon "Carrots I can't believe you'wasn't it awesome?!'"
Judy - Icon
Zootopia - Angry Nick Wilde
"We nearly crashed! We could've been seriously injured! 'Well OBVIOUSLY Carrots the answer to 'wasn't it awesome?' is..."
Nick Wilde - Icon "Yes. Yes, it was."

ferhc's avatar
PacificGreen's avatar
This is awesome! :D Love your style- the background is so comic book-y. :D
DeckardCanine's avatar
I thought she was too much of a tomboy for that kind of accessory. But maybe it was the only rabbity pattern available.
GlitchSamo21's avatar
Found this reblogged by Zootopians on FaceBook, with directly credit:…
Ruffu's avatar
Hey, that's cool

Good to see that it got posted somewhere else
GlitchSamo21's avatar
And great to see that it was not stolen. No one can hustling the sly fox like you.
BigMac1212's avatar
DominationAngel's avatar
Ya know, Rabbits would be damn good bicyclists, what with the long powerful legs an all. xD
Hatchetstein4Real's avatar
Or maybe this is just a HARE CUT! 
ArcticEagle's avatar
I seriously could imagine an Dark action adventure packed Thriller with scenes like this along with the other ones you did. 

You really do make a vilbrant world with these pics, hope to see more like these in the future. 

These are seriously great!
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