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Something's Afoot At The Prissy Pooch

By Ruffu
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Nick Wilde: Don't look now but I think we may have found our guy...

Judy Hopps: What? WHERE!?

Nick: Shh!!! Pipe down. Tell the whole train why dontcha!?

*several heads from neighboring seats turn towards them*

Judy: Right! Secret...

- - - - -

Hey there! Man it's been a while since I posted anything on here. Feels like I totally abandoned this site. But just to keep it from being totally dead, I've made you guys a painting!

I'm kinda excited for this movie to come out and decided to draw something for it to battle the anticipation! I love the character designs they made, mostly of the two protagonists above and can't wait to see their dynamism. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy! 
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1nu-kimi's avatar
*facepalms* come on judy you should know to keep quiet so you don't alert the guy that you and nick are after

StackerCoat's avatar
Here we have Judy disguised as a man in a trench-coat.
Quirky-Middle-Child's avatar
Sooo colorful and lovely!
garrus368's avatar
They are a good couple xD
Reiska's avatar
Judy reminds me of Columbo. Laugh 
TheWinterBunny's avatar
That's just adorable XD
David31's avatar
Love the detail and the expressions on these two. :D :) :love: Terrific job. :)
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
Heh, very good.
MemoryOfWater's avatar
Is it just me, or is anyone else thinking of Pulp Fiction... ?
Yggdrasil-dono's avatar
Of course she had to pick an outfit like that, poor Judy xD.
ZanarNaryon's avatar
Hey, Judy, here's an idea: If you're undercover, don't dress like you're a teenage mutant ninja turtle trying to fit in
LightReading2's avatar
JUdy going for the columbo look.  maybe sam spade from bogart films
LauriJ's avatar
Reminds me of Poirot...
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
Looks like they are going into detective noir territory. Nice.
KlarkKentThe3rd's avatar
All I can think about is the Geronimo Stilton episode.
KBAFourthtime's avatar
Pretty good going.
T-Chall's avatar
SJArt117's avatar
Incredible artwork dude! I can't wait to see this film. =3

Man, the amount of detail on this is outstanding, and the colours are awesome!
Maxojir's avatar
Hmmm, when I ride the train up to Baltimore this summer I think me and my friend will go sit in the dining car wearing trench coats and see if it draws any attention . . . most likely knowing the modern world, no one will probably even care, but still :)
Ruffu's avatar
Make sure to bring giant pages of your daily news. It adds practically adds inconspicuous to the disguise-- *ahem* I mean, wardrobe. 
Maxojir's avatar
And when the randomly designated person we've decided we're "monitoring" gets up and leaves, we'll make sure to get up five seconds after them and follow them out of the dining car, all the way to their seats, and then keep walking and sit in an open pair of seats 2 to 4 rows behind them :)
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