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Mini Megan

By Ruffu
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Quick little sketch of Megan as a kid. That's all. Just popped into my mind :D
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lovely. nick would be so proud.

would like to see maghan in something besides dowdy office attire/jeans, tee, cut-offs, maybe/she's a cute character-fox.

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Characters like Megan have such emotional power!
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you need to have a flash back of when nick gets muzzled when he a kid then he bumps into kid megan and there bffs then nick has to move and megan so sad.... then she moves to zootopia as well XD idk just ideeaaas
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O M Godness Cute
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Aww she's so cute. ^w^ She could have been happy when she was a kit, but had to take on big responsibility through her young teens to adult self due to parents being strict or some other cause.

Just a thought. ^^;
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I bet she was put under a lot of scrutiny because she's predator and both her and her parents trying to prove society that being a predator or fox can be just as good hard-working citizen as any animals.
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Probably, since police force and other citizens didn't trust Nick in the movie, maybe due to foxes having a cunning nature to them. You can't blame foxes for having just as much quick intelligence as any other mammal.

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Not only that, but the Ruffu did describe that the cunning nature in Megan is heredity as Nick only became cunning due to his traumatize childhood.
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Then she would be able to track down a ton of info for the police force then. :aww:
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She is just so adorable!
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Beautifully Adorablly CUTE! :D KEEP MAKING THESE!
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Holy guacamole, that's cute Do you smosh a temmie? 
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Dawwww :3
Correct me if I'm wrong, but do I see some St/Basic architecture behind her ;)
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Most likely. I just based it off some of the concepts for Tundra Town.
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Aaaah, I see :) Anyway, nice one ^_^
Also, wait on that note, just to chat :) 
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Are you sure your not a member of the writing crew for Zootopia?
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Last time I checked, I wasn't making bank; so no, I don't think so :P
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