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Economic Impact of Meat

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Published: January 27, 2015
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Hey what's up everybody! This is Ruffu and Roofoo from Rhufu Hunter and we're here to bring you another comic.

*ahem* Anyway, here's another one I made for Pun Pony. Not too sure If I should be posting this but hopefully it's okay. I did not write the story but the the artwork for the comic is mine.
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If they're concerned about money, energy density, and don't mind making the soldiers uncomfortable, bugs (and worms) would be a much better source of nutrition, with significantly smaller ethical concerns.
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*eating chicken leg* 
pinkie; but your a gryphon 
dont question it
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Hmmm, some have an ethical dislike toward it, but would dislike paying higher taxes more....

Well, when the pony is right, the pony is right.
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KSchneeProfessional Writer
Disturbing but sensible! I've seen speculation that griffins in Equestria shop at a small set of discreet meat shops, some of which are also pet shops. Also, the comic "The Horse Wife" says that griffins see plentiful meat as the #1 reason to live in Humanland. =)
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Omg but flutershy...
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Can actual horses process it?
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Gojira5000Hobbyist Digital Artist
It seems that they can; there's reports of other ungulates predating on live animals (cows with baby chickens and deer with bird nests), and horses themselves can actually process meat.

It's sort of like how one would never expect American alligators to be conscious omnivores, but yet there's a plentiful amount of evidence that they are; they're even important to dispersal of plant seeds in their habitats, and a species of plant is even named after how they're attracted towards eating it (those being alligator apples).

In fact, there's almost no "pure" herbivores or "pure" animals at all; we have cases of elephants killing and eating their keepers, chimpanzees brutally mauling and eating babies, dolphins murdering baby porpoises and attempting to rape human females...really, horses having a taste for flesh is tame in comparison to some of the things other "harmless" animals will do willingly. A pony eating meat is positively tame for the crap that real animals can do.
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So they can process meat.
I think my mind needs to switch out from Spore mode, where if you eat meat as an hervibore you just puke. Same with carnivore.

Thanks for your time.
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I've heard that if they eat more then a little meat here and there, that it can increase a horses aggression. In a military setting that could be another benefit.
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Pretty epic worldbuilding. Lots to love in this comic!
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Phillyshire. Farms!
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People STILL confuse 'real-life ponies' with 'inter-dimensional magical sentient and civilized pony-like race' ?
People are dumb.
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Darksunrise957Hobbyist Digital Artist
They also talk. And have eyeballs that take up half their faces... Some can fly... They're all technicolor... they've got magic butt-tattoos... Very odd equine proportions... Actually, the only thing they have in common with actual equines is they they walk on four legs, and are hooved mammals. Actually, they often even stand up on their backlegs, which is very rare in "normal" horses. I honestly don't get why people have a hard time believing they could eat meat, too.
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Agree on the whole thing, but I think I can ''extrapolate'' a bit on the 'meat' part.

(real)Ponies are friendly, and eat vegetable stuff. Animals that eat meat are predators, and usually seen as bad/evil/aggressive/etc.
So, some might jump (without passing Go!-and claiming 200$, and not realizing it) to the ''hidden conclusion'' that, if ponies ate meat, they would become less 'good/peaceful in general'. Generally speaking, of course.

Some might go for a more down-to-earth approach and point out that, even if they develloped a civilization and etc... that they are still 'ponies that evolved', and would be unlikely to have a meat-based diet.
I guess there's, at least, 'some' merits there. But, as we see in the series, they don't have problems with several things herbivores don't eat normally, like produces using milk and eggs (between other things). So... it wouldn't be TOO far-fetched to suppose that 'these' ponies evolved to be able to handle small amount of meat (several scenarios could explain the need to slightly diversify into meat-stuff).
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Of course, getting them to eat their meat got a lot easier, once they decided to restrict pudding rations to those who had done so.
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richfilesHobbyist Artist
Love The Wall almost as much as I love Dark Side of Luna's Flanks!
:iconlunadatflankplz: Verily, Our flanks are dark and enticing ❩
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The reason why they rarely eat meat in Equestria is because almost all life forms are sentient in Equestria. And they don't need meat because they are capable to grow plants that are more nutritious than meat. Magic.
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Once you eat meat, you can't go back to wheat.
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And those who can eat meat can survive longer in the Arctic and winter
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Guess this is true, they do make cake, cookies, ect. which needs eggs for them.
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Nooo! Plz, stay vegan ponies :'( Veganism is the best option for little horses and also for not so little humans ;)
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Well there is a weak-point, producing meat involves feeding the animals, that will become this meat, so while you could gain more energy with a steak, it would cost much more, especially when produced in small amounts.
There is a reason in why meat consumption had been a privilege to rich till the industrialisation.
Also grain is much easier to transport, it nether needs to be cooled, nor does it foul as fast as meat.
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