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Dungeon Crawler Concept

By Ruffu
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Hey, don't normally post non-pony stuff here but here ya go!

A little something for a friend of mine who's making a game.        
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giant mace in the dungeon? I can't think of a weapon more inappropriate for such place - no swing is possible, only pokes...
Cool picture, concept is horrible
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Well, he's gonna be breaking the wall, duh! There's no point to be a big giant dude with a giant weapon if you can't break every single crap in your way XD
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That honestly makes me want to play this game!
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Wooo, you make me wanna play Nethack this instant.
What kind of game will it be? Computer or Pen&Paper?
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Nethack? Wow, that's a big nostalgia attack! I didn't know that people still played it...
dervonnebenaan's avatar
Are you kidding? Nethack is more alive than ever. There are regular tournaments going on. Half of my physics class at university got involved last year. That's when I came to know it.
Krazylec's avatar
Really? Dang, I've really lost contact with the Nethack community... then again, that game is so damn hard it's been years since I last played it.
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Interesting concept overall :) Is it inspired from any game or book ? )
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Mostl likely not. My friend kinda just wanted to do it.
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Aaah, I see. Well it's quite a fine work ^^
May I also ask a question ? ^^; Don't worry not related to requests or anything XD
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Sure, go ahead.
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What oft do you use ? :) I recently tried drawing as well....and soft seems to be unused, completely XD
So I wondered your tool of choice :)
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I use Photoshop. I used to use SAI but I found that Photoshop to be better. I just get more customization and power with it. 

So are you talking about your soft brush? Well, it's good if you don't. There are places where is better to use and really depends on the nature of how you blend. But practicing how to blend using harder edged brushes is a good way to hone them drawing skillz!
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Aaaah, I see :) Is it comfortable to use ? :)

No no, not brushes ^^; I use another soft, called Sketchbook Pro 6......and well.....wanted to ask your opinion on it in case you used it actually ^^
Aaah, I see :>
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Yeah pretty much. There's a steeper learning curve to using Photoshop than SAI but Photoshop has a lot more to go on. 

Oh, so you mean a software. You should probably say software, less confusing that way XD I haven't used Sketchbook Pro 6 before so I can't really say much. I have seen people do some crazily awesome stuff with it though and a bunch of industry Pros use it too. 

I guess just test it out. Look up tutorials if you don't know what to do.
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Go down a long hallway, and see this thing.

see the treasure chest at the end of a long hallway, just a rotten apple inside.
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nice, it looks really good and i like the expression of the enemy but the feet of the boy seems small. well done :)
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