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It's not only about getting out of breath, it's about getting out of the splash zone.

Pages done entirely digitally.
The Avatar universe belongs to Mike, Bryan, Nickelodeon-Viacom-MTV.
All the characters belong to them, but a few of the extras are my own creation

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Or "Oh splash!" may be more appropriate.

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Waterbending slice! XD
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Yet another splash moment. Zhao's had enough.

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If they ever develop a real Avatar RPG, that spear-breaker move is going to have to come with an Intimidation check. :D

rufftoon's avatar

Oh, wouldn't that be fun? An official Avatar RPG.

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This just tells me Zhoa needs to get back into practice...
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This time the blackhaired guy (I forgot his name) manages to hit a firebender instead of a waterbender. The guy with the broken spear/ harpoon(?) looks quiet frightened thought.

rufftoon's avatar

Captain's name is Kinnaq. As for spear guy, he joined the crew so he'd get the chance to fish in new waters. He didn't think he'd have to fight. Give him a fishing rod.

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I really wish Jeong Jeong could see this. He'd be amazed at how far Zhao has come.

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Not sure if JeongJeong would be impressed. He may see it as "one step forward, three steps back".

TzaoTao's avatar
look on the bright side Zhao,
unless the capn' decides to cover your head,
you can catch your breath now
LainaInverse's avatar
Welp, looks like Zhao's getting another bath!
rufftoon's avatar

It's a record. Too many in one day.

He'll claim he won't ever need another bath.

Unless it is a hot spring. Then he'll make an exception.

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:giggle: Hot springs *are* better than docks for a good soak, this is a known fact.
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"Let me freshen yo up with another dip...."

rufftoon's avatar

I'm not sure we have the same definition of dip.

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