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Water Tribe 5 067

Still having fun putting Zhao into different types of terrible situations.
(and having fun imagining everyone's internal dialogues)

Pages done entirely digitally.
The Avatar universe belongs to Mike, Bryan, Nickelodeon-Viacom-MTV.
All the characters belong to them, but a few of the extras are my own creation

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His expression is priceless! And she has a point, the more normal you look the easier it is to be overlooked.
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yup! Even if someone gibes you a glance, acting normal may allow to sneak through (just don't test your luck too much).

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agreed, that luck is likely to fail at some point.
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lol poor zhao...though he seems to have a soft spot for the smol one XD
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Don’t mind us, we’re just a ‘family’ uncharacteristically unperturbed by the fire and acting completely normal. 
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Or seen as an adult getting kids away from the fire.

Somewhat suspiciously ;)

I don't know if Zhao looks young enough to be a father of some small kids... maybe a grandpa? XD I can imagining him being less that happy of people thinking that. What is worse? A grandpa or a dad?
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Could be a dad, but grandpa may be closer.

Grandpa may be worse, ha!

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I can hear Zhao's scream.
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Glad the scream managed to leave the page.

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Daddy hotsman!
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I really liked the texture of the smoke!
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Thanks! One of those PS brushes I use here and there for fx. Not too good for simple line work.

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I love this trio dynamics, very good job as always!
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It's the Assassin's Creed method! Except with small children and not prostitutes. 
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The kid is a pro XD

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that girl looks almost disturbingly serene for the situation,
not to mention the way she handled Zhao and the other kid...
quite skilfully for a little girl...

are we... are we seeing a future Jo Dee?
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All I can think of,

MY CaBbAgEs!!!

I know it doesnt actually belong here... but it's the first thing that came to my mind 😅
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