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Sometimes, being a head of state gets too complex. 
It was so much easier in the old days, being banished and being free to run around. 
Well, as free as it was possible in the Earth Kingdom at war time. 

And yes, ultimately, he is trying to get Azula back in one piece. His family is broken enough as is. 

Pages done entirely digitally.
The Avatar universe belongs to Mike, Bryan, Nickelodeon-Viacom-MTV.
All the characters belong to them, but a few of the extras are my own creation

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Has The Search happened in this timeline? Has Zuko found his mom yet?

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This timeline is obviously deviated from cannon, so it's hard to tell how close to the official graphic novels this is.

IF he found his mother, the story may be slightly different?

But I'd like to think he did.

sealbatross's avatar

hmm not sure if mr.competent will be swayed by sentiment

DrakAttack628's avatar

Aw. Zuko cares for his sister. How sweet!

rufftoon's avatar

She is a pain, but she is family.

His family is already messed up enough. Just trying to salvage what is left of it.

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If you can draw aang finding out that zuko needs by spirits it would be instant message..he may be trying to fix the airtemples at the moment.. great comic

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Thank you for reading!

As for Aang, he is indeed dealing with a bunch of stuff. Maybe not all air temple related, what with all the recent spirit shenanigans happening.

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Aang; I JUST cleaned up the Spirit World, can we KEEP it clean for TEN MINUTES??!?

AlexandraAlex's avatar

i know how he feels...

YanguLaRoo's avatar

Ahhh good Zuko story content. I'll have to find a good time to start at the beginning of this comic, it's really good.

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Thank you for reading!

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Makes me wonder if Azula’s heart can be cured by kindness

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Hmmm...hard to answer. If anything, you'd need kindness and time and patience and... she is gonna demand LOTS of work, if it is at all possible.

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Zuko is perfect for this job

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Oh wait, was that sarcastic? (or just highlighting how much Zuko'd grown since the start of the show?)

royi-20's avatar
PianOrchestra's avatar

<3 just heart-warming!

LoboTibetano111's avatar
zuko has done these things before, right?
rufftoon's avatar

If you mean go around the world chasing someone, then yes.

Shirokou's avatar

*cups hands over mouth and tries not to cry*

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The whole point of politics is to take too long. Otherwise, we'd be able to act on our first impulse, and how often does that work out for Zuko? :D

Which, granted, does not mix well when mentally-ill criminals also can raise an army just based on who their daddy is. Someone should do something about that system.

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Every once in a while, in times of crisis, politics have to move fast.

You're right, it hasn't worked too well with Zuko is the past. And with Azula... cross fingers?

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Ah precious Zuko

Good to the end

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He tries! It's so hard.

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