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Sweet Moves

It started very seriously, as a practice for poses...then Toph came in, and then slowly everything turned into a Calvin and Hobbes moment.

I don't control these characters. They remind me any chance they get.
And no, I don't draw Toph's eyes. It just happens that way. If I do a close up of her face, then I will.

Rough pencils-photoshop colors
(little sketchy at the bottom is one of the original doodle that sparked the idea)

All characters belong to Mike, Bryan and Nick...Nickelodeon, that is. Dancing moment brought by Bill Watterson.
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This is really fantastic at all <3

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Made me think of Mowgli and Baloo dancing^_^

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I think I may have favorited this one before I'd even seen AtLA for the first time...

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Love this, they have a fun relationship.

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They are so sweet together :D
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Ah man this is amazing 😂 adorable
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Avatar meets Calvin & Hobbes, perfect :D
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I love Calvin and Hobbes, and while I haven't been able to watch ATLA yet, I'm already almost positive Uncle Iroh would/will be my favorite character from it.

This is adorable, made my evening. :D
Aaaahw, so cool and awesome cute!
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Toph and Iroh are such awesome friends. :D
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I love how they're having fun together while working out :) :D
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Haha, me on my first day of karate classes. Lol!!
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The old guy is the best Character of the series...well, Toph might also come close to that. I like em both a lot! Funny Cartoon ^^
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It's like Calvin and Hobbes~!
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Ahora puedes esto a otras diez imágenes en este sitio, y perseguir a alguien que no lo haga.  Esto no es falso  Aparentemente, si copia y pega esto a diez comentarios en los próximos diez minutos, tendrá el mejor día de su vida mañana.  Te besarán o te invitarán a salir, si rompes esta cadena verás una pequeña niña muerta en tu habitación esta noche.  en 53 minutos alguien dirá que te amo o lo siento

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funny. good job
well, this is just super frickin cute I am a dummy! 
Great work!  Love the style the most!
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Neat pic from 10 years ago. 
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Well, dancing IS a good exercise, and more than just one martial art looks like a dance.
Kapoera, for example.
And in the Book of Fire (season 3) Aang and Katara DID dance by doing waterbending moves.
Best infiltration story i´ve ever seen.
This is so cute! Calvin & Hobbes...
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