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Sketch 01 Loosen up

Maybe no time to do finished pieces these days, but at least posting some doodles done while trying to get the drawing hand working.

Nothing like listening to fun music and trying to loosen up the drawing hand to try stay productive (cause sometime, in the middle of the day, you reach a drawing low- so go and draw something else!)

Rough pencils

Avatar Characters all belong to Mike, Bryan and Nick. Just trying to keep the groooove going...
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Zuko: *agressive dancing*

Jayblade-67's avatar
I wish I could dance like this XD
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I love the way you draw them
Ginger-Seat's avatar
This is adorable. I especially like Zuko's attempt at rocking out. :)
Amazing drawing! Yesterday I finished watching Avatar the last air bender. Can say that it is one of the greatest animation of all time!
driverdude's avatar
One of the greatest cartoons these days like adventure time and legend of korra 8D
Contraltissimo's avatar
Ohhh this just makes me so happy. ^__^
prechoco's avatar
I LOVE THIS! Somehow you manage to draw characters dancing (and moving in general) so fluidly! So hard to master - my drawings always end up so stiff!
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Yayyy!! XD I'm a horrible dancer though, so I may just have to sit back here and watch. 
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Yay! Dance party!
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these are wonderful! Love the flow of the lines, do you mind if I colour this? :) but give you credit :D
rufftoon's avatar
Sure! Have fun with it :)
PepperJDarcy's avatar
thank you so much!! :D
CeciliaArt's avatar
YAY ZUZU'S DANCING:happybounce: 
gdpr-19878757's avatar
cool, it's zuko dancing! :D but still with seriousness in his face XDD
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You're really good! It looked to me like a rough sketch of the real thing (by the actual artist) ...I had to check if it was *fan* art.  Wow. Bravo!!
TOPH ROCKS! Yeah, I know... "stale joke." But it's true!
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I really love the flow of the poses, like you can see their movements :)
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que divertido
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