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Last Airbender spoilers 01

By rufftoon
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Sketchdump time!
If it appears small, try download for fullview.
It is still a bunch of small doodles though.

There are so many things about this movie that
Just a sample of doodles done after watching it.

I won't go into a full rant.
Tidbits that I liked: some wide shots, some environments.
Some moments of acting.

To those who say they've liked it, I am envious. You've seen more positive in it than I could.
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I left the theatre after it took a flash mob to accomplish what a child could do without bending and more force by throwing. 
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Why did you guys let that talentless bastard get his worthless hands on your beautiful series? Surely you'd know from his track record that all he'd make is crap. The Sixth Sense was his one hit wonder.
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Xxshatteredworld92xXHobbyist Writer
Fire Nation soldier: I swear, if he mentions that library one more time, I'll strangle him! *later on* Kill!

:lmao: Priceless.
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which is why im having trouble rationalizing buying the movie...dispite buying the first 3 boxed sets of the cartoon the second they were released. these things...pick at me over time... =/

"The universe just loves proving me wrong doesn't it?" - Sokka, Avatar the Last Airbender
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Quoth143Professional Digital Artist
How many of you bet Shyamalan didn't actually watch the series?
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midnight-nightengaleHobbyist General Artist
100 dollars
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CCWashiHobbyist General Artist
This is priceless, I stormed out of the movie kicking stuff and cursing under my breath, waste of time, thanks for the laughs, I really appreciate it
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glad to see im not the only one having problems with the earth benders and that rock
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Saber16 Digital Artist
I frigging love this.
Also, finished reading the stories from The Lost Adventures collection, really love your art.
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sophatizerHobbyist General Artist
I watched the movie before watching the series, and even then I thought it was horrible! And I never dislike movies! It's what drove me to watch the series actually, to see if it was as bad as that. Thankfully, I got a lot more than I bargained for, and fell in love with that amazing story! Avatar FTW! I tried re-watching the movie after having seen the entire show, but it was just so bad that I couldn't make it past half xD
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QAtheAuthoressHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Happy you didn't get discouraged from watching the show. ^-^
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cmccrrzyHobbyist Writer
Yeah, so like... it really makes sense that the Earth Kingdom beat back the DRAGON OF THE WEST when they can do... that. GAHAKJLKJLKJG WHY DID YOU MAKE THIS SHYAMALAN? WHYY???
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oooook this was a stupid attempt at being gritty and not give kids nightmares which watching zhao drown and all of that AWFUL acting probably caused
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i liked it the first time i watched it, in the theater. It was mostly denial and amazement that they made my fav cartoon into a movie.
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shelby1309Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I could not get even halfway through the movie, and the Imprisoned part was basically where I drew the line. Mostly, I figure the movie was really dark. I know that the cartoon was for kids, but at least there was actual humor and fun! Everyone loved it, kids, teens, some adults, but the movie was dry, and it made me sad...

Not to mention, Aang was very depressed all the time. I understand his people were killed and he abandoned his Avatar duties, so he was guilty, but in the show he at least was still a fun-loving kid who tried to see the good in everything. It's why we loved him.

P.S. Sorry for the rant... -_-
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Kolbatsun1226 Digital Artist
I have this movie on DVD. Seriously. The entire "Imprisoned" adaptation in the movie is a summary on why the movie is awful. They gloss over important side characters, Aang (or rather Oong.) is boring as hell. Nobody knows how to pronounce Avatar, oh and everyone in the movie are stupid. I know the Earthbenders' will was broken, but the Earthbenders in the cartoon were at a prison. It felt like they were imprisoned and the hope and fight was taken out of them. While in the movie, it looked like they can just get out and there's ground all around them. Somebody could've at least try to fight back. While in the cartoon, they were on a metal boat in the middle of the sea. And on top of all that, how come nobody thought of extinguishing the damned fire. I mean there's dirt everywhere.
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DevissiTRHWHobbyist General Artist
Ahaha when one of the storyboard artists from the original finds the movie distasteful, you know there has to be something off.
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minnichiHobbyist Artisan Crafter
LOL I can't get over the waterbender gang! xDDD
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toaofshyakuganHobbyist General Artist
Yeah. pretty much.

doled out $30 for me and a friend to see it in theaters.

worst money spent ever.
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Lol! There was one part where Uncle made fire out his hands then all the firebenders were like...oh crap! He can control fire! Run away! Um...yeah? Why is that so shocking! They should do that!
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Sir, your gallery is composed of pure win.
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Ashen-PhoenixHobbyist Traditional Artist
Indeed. :highfive: :lmao:
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HasdiHobbyist General Artist
Uhm... hello again. Have anyone mentioned to you that film Ozai is composite of Ozai and Admiral Zhao, and film Zhao is a spun-off character and apparently his illegitimate son, i.e., "Zhao Jr"? [link] Hence the sideburns is on film Ozai but not on film Zhao.
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