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Ah yes, Crazy Foam guy (or Frothers) is back! One more silly idea that popped into my head. Just bringing his fanboy powers towards the Avatar to new heights!

Crazy Foam guy is the only original Avatar character appearing ( belongs to Nickelodeon...I never credited them before, sorry!). The rest are extras I made for this tidbit of a story.

Pen and ink, more or less quick coloring in Photoshop (it always take longer than I think, augh!)
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I must turn in my ATLA fan card, I don't recognize the box.
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Ha ha, do keep the card! That box never appeared in the show.

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i want to meet foaming mouth guy

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Make sure to bring the avatar, or else foaming not guaranteed.

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Oh yeah, I remember that guy....did he really touch that box?
Fantastic guy-inator! XD
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Ahaha love it XD
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Have no words it's to beautifully hilarious!!!
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I'm pretty sure the trombone was something Aang touched during his time in the fire nation school ahahahaha XD
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This is just perfect 
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......sworn this was one of the real, i somehow remember it being in the comics?


is this my memory acting up again, or are you just that good that i immediately assumed you're an actual avatar artist?
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Wow, he's like an avatar detector. Too bad Zuko never thought of this... though perhaps it's good that he didn't.
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HAHA rofl LOL Haruhi Suzumiya Emote - Thumbs Up 
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THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE SEEN TODAY xD! The way you draw faces is so perfect I just- WOW. This made me laugh, definetely showing my brother who also loves this show :D
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I drifted over here from Hetalia....... (gives a thumbs up)
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Every time I see this this one I have to laugh so much :la: so - also in my faves
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Crazy Foam Guy = best damn part of any show ever!
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FOAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless 
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Is it bad that most of us CAN do this for a living?
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Foam guy needs to be in Legend of Korra.
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They were going to put a Foam Girl in Lok in that that scene where Amon had that Revolution equalist rally. But, they thought if they did, it would ruin the creepiness of the moment.  
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