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Finer things

This idea just bonked me on the head so quickly, I had to draw it.

More Zuko, more Iroh, and more tea! Yay!

And no, Jin didn't put anything weird in Zuko's food or drink!! Something just...clicked inside Zuko's brain. Hehe, me evil.

Pencil, ink and quick colors in Photoshop.

All characters belong to Nickelodeon. I'm just having fun with them.
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Hello! I've seen this on Reddit before! Nice to finally find the rest of your work.
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Thank you! Nice to have you visit all the way from Reddit.

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Very true (at the time, Zuko didn't know better- he will learn!)

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true he did learn

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Will you ever write another Jin comic? Maybe an AU comic where Zuko and Mai reconciled but didn't get back together, and Zuko drops a line to his first girlfriend in no-longer-concurred Ba Sing Sa. It could eventually lead to an earth kingdom "peasant" becoming the new FireLady (or whatever they call the wife of the FireLord). Maybe after the city conquest Zuko could of sent Jin a letter (from Li) saying that he's alive but he's leaving the city and not coming back, trying to comfort a little but explaining almost nothing. I'd like to see Jin's reaction to Refugee Li coming back a FireLord Zuko.
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Sadly, I have no plans for that.

Zhao demands all the attention these days.

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We can only hope Zuko. We can only hope.

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I've started looking on the inside for answers to life's mysteries!
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Is that a bad thing?
Gnahaharhuarhuarhuar! Well XD

The laughs are real!  Gotta say, this is really good; the comedy, splendid!  Definitely a "thumbs up" for me.
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LOL i know right~ Yus by Duchess00Bluemoon   FukDisShitI'mOut by Duchess00Bluemoon  
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That is too funny plus the expressions are fantastic.
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Gnaawwww so cute :D
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Aww man, I was the luckiest of people when he and his uncle were back together...
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And what's wrong with that?  Better your uncle, Zuko, than your father.
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lol XD awesome
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And I bet Uncle has no idea what Zuko's talking about, haha!

Great comic. I love Jin, really wish we'd seen more of her in the show...
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