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Dragon Trappers P.1

By rufftoon
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For a long time, Dragons 2 had a prologue, a different opening.  Some of it was actually described in the Art Of book. Many versions were storyboarded. This is also a different take, inspired by the script/ideas of Dragons director Dean Deblois. . 

Just another variation, in fancomic form (not official!). A little something to celebrate the new Dragon movie, out in theater in North America this weekend (June 13th 2014). 

( I want to take a moment to apologize; I tend to disappear for too long and not always being able to reply. Life and work is sometimes too busy).

All the characters are property of Dreamworks Animation.


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Hey, would you mind if I used your comics as a prologue for the second movie of my fanfiction ? :D

Since it wasn't used for the movie, i feel like it would be nice for my fanfiction :D

I'll credit you of course ;)
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This comic is pretty nice.
Good job. Clap 
darkside-ky's avatar
How to train your Artist? (I kid).
Bandera3's avatar
Probably I will translate your comic to Spanish, that's okay ? //
 I am a dummy! 
Probablemente traduzca tu comic al español, te parece bien ?
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I'd be honoured. Have fun with it. Just link me as the original artist and the source. 
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Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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a Dragon Hunting we shall go.
kihara0907's avatar
You're always welcome!!! *-*
mssteacup's avatar
after watching the film ( which was beautiful btw ) This comic was a great treat. It brings so much more to the characters and expands the world ever so slightly. Its really satisfying to see how the destruction of the fort played into the film. I love seeing the puzzle pieces of the artiest minds fit together, its sad to see that this particular story had to be cut. This comic dose fill in the questions I had about Done, I know its not official, but Its so satisfying. Thank you for working on the film and for going the extra step and making this comic as well.
rufftoon's avatar
Thank you for reading!
glowworm56's avatar
Oh, the movie was amazing!
rufftoon's avatar
Glad you enjoyed!
Nyctale's avatar
Wow, such an awesome timing, I saw the movie yesterday :D It was great seeing your name in the credits too ^u^
Salutations du Québec
rufftoon's avatar
Nice! Thank you!
Et bonjour de la Californie! Toujours le fun de voir des Québécois dans le coin.
Nyctale's avatar
Il doit quand même y en avoir de plus en plus dans le domaine (j'en vois plusieurs dans les génériques) En tout cas, je vais être une de plus dans quelques années. J'hésite encore entre 3D Modeler et Storyboard Artist parcontre :/
Et ça risque d'être dans le domaine des jeux vidéos.
QAtheAuthoress's avatar
Oh yes! :D I remember that whole thing about the prologue. It was cut down 'cause the people behind it thought it would be too dark. Still I hope it'll be on the dvd release.
TeddyBearWithSexHair's avatar
Another fantastic job, Ruff!! I'm hoping for a bunch of headcanon ones like your ROTG comics!
rufftoon's avatar
Thank you! I will try (when time allows)
AlexandraAlex's avatar
omg!! this is so amazing!...that trapped dragon looks like the queen of dragons from first movie!!...& i bet that masked person is hiccup's mom!!
rufftoon's avatar
Not the same specie as the Queen dragons, but maybe distantly related?
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