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But Seriously...

Just before lunch today, I was thinking of 's comics and stories, and how it would be nice to try and do a serious Avatar story for once. Not that I can hope to top her work, but it would be a good exercise

And I SWEAR, this thing you see above is the exact scene that played inside my head.

Quick pencil roughs, with quick Photoshop colors added (so it doesn't look too cheap)

Avatar characters belong to Nickelodeon, not to me, and I certainly can't control them!

Zuko= poker face
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Master of Dead pan comedy.

Great job.

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comedy..HIM?!!....if backstabbing  your own uncle is hilarious, then you are in the wrong business !! XD
I would love to see a sort of 'outtakes' real for avatar where the animators and voice actors are just doing goofy stuff like this. You know, Toy Story outtakes style.
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That's real characters for ya. They do their own thing. X))
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I swear, those 2nd and third panels really sell the punchline! The expressions are just brilliant! You can just see the laughter fighting its way out of them!
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AHAHHAA this is great! xD
I shouldn't look at stuff like this while at work :')
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yes you were Zuko ;)

Excellent !
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Оnly sexy and lonely girls from your city - hеrе!!!Hug 
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Unfortunately DA does not seem to have a 'report member for being a goddamned bot' option... Any suggestions
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This is freakin' hilarious! XD
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I spit water on my laptop...
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Always loved Uncle!
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Can't take anything seriously with these two 
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3rd panel, ah, the 3rd panel is the best. Just Zuko's "Yeah" face and Iroh cracking up :)
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Ohhhh the hilarity. X)
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Daawww! I love those guys!
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I love these two xD
Brilliant is one of the only words that could be used to describe this...
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