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Avatar redesigns for fun

Apologies in advance if I do not answer your comments. Life keeps me busy these days *sigh*

These started with a badly drawn Aang foot. I cursed at myself and said "he looks like he has a clubfoot!"
A second later, I was re-drawing said clubfoot, and added a reworked Aang to go with it...and the others followed.
Personal fave has to be Toph (hey guys look! Eyes!). She just has that "What are you looking at" or "Are you speaking to me?" expression.
Iroh doesn't quite work, but I just had to throw him in. He's not as pushed as the others.

Inked, with quick colors added on.

Avatar characters belong to Mike, Bryan, Nickelodeon, Viacom. I have no other witty or silly lines to add after that.

And yesh, if you wish to make icons out of these, go ahead. Just come and ask permission first, and show me the final result as I would love to see it.
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D'awwww, they're all so cuddly this way! Bunny Emoji-42 (Awww) [V2] (Especially, y'know, the big old chubby old one holding the teacup. *squeeeeeeezes the filling out of Uncle Iroh* ;) But really, they all made me smile! Zuko's grumpy pout and Aang's staring smile, hahaha! So cute! :giggle:)
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Zuko is so cute in this-
princessarien's avatar
I love Azula's face in this picture, she and Toph are probably my favorites in this drawing, haha. Everyone look adoralbe =P
Estonius's avatar
Cool and fun takes on the characters!
catpins's avatar
I like Azula's the best!
AelitaSchaefferFan's avatar
Katara: TINY ZUKO! It looks so cute~
Aang: >:(
Zuko: I am neither CUTE not TINY!
tigersnow66's avatar

zuko: i must capture the avatar and regain my honor!
azula: *devious smirk*
katara: so how do i look?
aang: *dopey grin*
toph: i am melon lord! muahahaha!
iroh: tea!
appa: *snore*
momo: *?*
sokka: boomerang!

i love it!!!
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I love how they all look so badass and then Aang is just standing there! XD
cogirl21's avatar
LunaShadowWolf13's avatar
"Woo! Go boomerang!!!"
"Aww, boomerang!!!"
I'm sorry, that just popped into my head!
Zuko seems very happy! :D
Nubicat's avatar
they're SOOO CUTE!!! I love them *O*
Incendio56's avatar
aang looks like my friend gabe or at least his face does.
ggfluff123's avatar
awwwwww tiny zukko he's sooo cute!
AnnRita45's avatar
ok, well played. i think iroh came out fine, looks like a good interpretation of him. are you going to do other characters from the series?? it would be a cool idea if you did it by nation instead of a bunch of characters. if your not busy, can you?? im a huge avatar fan, and would love to see more chibis. also, can i use this for a project im working on??? this would really help!!!
Miss-Mae's avatar
I love this style! Looking good :D
Glowin-theSHARK's avatar
Words fail to describe how awesome I think this is! But I'll try anyways. :giggle:
This is simply EPIC! :iconsquealplz: I absolutely adore each of their designs! :heart: This makes me so incredibly happy! :dance:
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Sokkkaaaaaaa ah I love him in this :D
Stephalefagus's avatar
Oh and Zuko trying to be badass and scary but turning out cute and hilarious
Trevor-Kerensky's avatar
Cute and interesting! I like these mini-characters of the Avatar: The Last Airbender saga. They definitely look whimsical and outstanding to behold!
juanito316ss's avatar
I like these c:
Also, just say they belong to "Bryke", like everybody else does lol
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