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NOTE! (You may have to download to view entirely!!)

Done in another moment of insanity, staring at those little stars things to rate movies and shows.

Well forget stars, let's take under used (or gone) characters instead!
(It can work as well for Avatar as for any other shows :D)

Foamy (or Frothers)- for the most common type of fans.

Zhao- for the fans who enjoys seeing bad things happen.

Cabbage Man- that's for the parent-guardian type, who can turn off the tv if they think it's bad for you!

Don't ask what's going through that brain of mine, it's just weeeeird (and there are paint fumes at work today, woo!)

Pencil-inked traditionally. Manip and flat colors in Photoshop.

All Characters belong To Nickelodeon and its affiliates. I have no right over them.
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Zhao is fucking terrifying while smiling like that...

'Shivers' itself just not right.
DreamMaker00's avatar
zhao is what you called a borderline sadist.
CombotheBeehen's avatar
Ahahaha good idea! :'D
LOLfairycat23's avatar
Phoenix-of-Athena's avatar
An interesting idea.  Zhao's expressions as the violence increased just cracked me up. XD 
i'm Zhao
but 'unspeakable acts towards cabbages'?! oh well, i'll sit over here and snicker happily while enjoying the destruction
OtakuDanny's avatar
I like Cabbage Man's panic reaction in this! XD
Muddy-Pond-Gang's avatar
Unspeakable acts towards cabbages!!!! 
Quick take you cabbages and hide your children!!!!!
La la la la 
CrystalGreene's avatar
I dont actually consider this fan art coming from you, but its my avatar favorites category <3 
love love love you
PencilofAwesomeness's avatar
The cabbages must be protected!!!!
gdpr-19878757's avatar
wahaha XDD this is unique! :D
gdpr-19878757's avatar
Gottabeperfect's avatar
I fully agree with the last two faces of all the people. Zhao's was priceless, hysterical, and oh so true.
raven-girl14's avatar
My caaaabbbbbbaaagggeeeessss!
Kat-zee's avatar
i dont care how many seasons therre are, this one is still awesome
Your brain is an awesome weird brain!
karasukagami's avatar
oh sure blame it on the paint fumes. =__=;

"What it would be like to be a woman for a day, there are probably a million things I would like to do, but I'd probably just end up crying" - Colin Kane
AelitaSchaefferFan's avatar
The Cabbage Merchant is actually the most recognized Avatar character that is fangirled over immensely.
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