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Avatar Finale 6.5 Epilogue

Realised there was one little thing that needed to be wrapped up to really complete the Avatar Finale serie of comics.
Makes reference to the very first page:

Page 1: [link]

and the other pages are here:
Page 2 [link]
Page 3 [link]
Page 4 [link]
Page 5 [link]
Page 6 [link]

Very quick and rough pencils for this one- and even faster colors. Sorry, lack of time for a good job!

Avatar and all its characters belong to Mike, Bryan and Nickelodeon.
The kitty belongs to Zuko.
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I have GOT to find this medicine! I'm certain Zuzu will need PLENTY more~

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This seems almost like what I would see in the bloopers

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Kitten: Miu!

Zuko: Aww I can't stay mad at you *hugs kitten*
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Years later and this scene still makes me laugh.
The kitten's job wasn't hard.
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whatever, Azula will just make it into a burger later
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Next there will be Parpyrus!
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I don't know why I'm seeing so much Avatar stuff all of a sudden but I love it
The cat is back! °Ö°
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Azula's face in the last part... priceless xDDD.
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when did he get a cat!?
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Is this a FMA reference?
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I can't even - xD xD xD
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Hahahaha you're really good at this ;)
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What do you mean, bad job? this is awesome!
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