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Avatar Finale 2

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(They won't be sequentials, more like tidbits, observations of stuff that happened in the episodes.)

SPOILERS ahead, for those of you who haven't seen the Season 2 finale of Avatar.
Continuing the dialogue of Iroh and Aang, as they go to free Katara and Zuko.

Other pages here!
Page 1: [link]
Page 2 [link]
Page 3 [link]
Page 4 [link]
Page 5 [link]
Page 6 [link]
Page 6.5 [link]

Rough pencils with quick colour Photoshop.

Avatar and all its characters belong to its creators, Nickelodeon and whatever other corporation that has dibs on it. I'm just having fun with them.
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It’s blurry and I can’t read it :(
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Zuko swoops in ta steal yo gurl.
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BWAhahahaha!RUN AANG! RUN!
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Narrator: and Aang goes forward to protect his "shipping"
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when you read irohs lines in his voice
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Ya know, I always kinda shipped Katara and Zuko.  I was disappointed when she ended up with  Aang.
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Did you outline in ink at all, outline characters in photoshop?
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Why is this accurate...?
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lol, great work!
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That's so cute! XD
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I just realised WHAT this meant Tbh i am laughing so hard
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I love that you left the sketchy marks
cullyferg2010's avatar
Has Zuko been taking those pills again?
heromomo's avatar
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This. Is. Gold.
This should've been in the series tbh xD
Jealousy 1 X 0 Aang
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I couldn't figure out if Aang was panicking because he feared the possibility of Zutara, or if he remembered Bad Boy Jet and his nice, charming personality. 
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This is so going on my favorites :D
Boy, you should be a professional comic maker, this is hilarious!
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