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My Bio
Current Residence: Chester
MP3 player of choice: Zen Touch

Other Interests
Furry stuff.

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Dammit, with the amount of work and revision I have to get done at the moment, every single one of my free periods is spent in the study area of the library.
what school do you go to? I go to Banff Academy ^_^
yep, I'm at Banff Academy too :D
I'm the guy with the short black hair sitting with the loud people near the stairs nearest the social center at lunch :P

Yeah, B.A. sucks
I know what you mean, B.A does suck, I particularly hate two certain teachers, one (ex) geography teacher and one maths teacher, i'll let you guess.
Anyway, i'm the guy with the uncontrollably curly hair (i'm getting a haircut tomorrow night ^^;) who walks round the school a lot at lunch, but i sometimes go to the library. I might see you tomorrow at lunch.
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Heh, another scottish Furry Artist ^_^ Hi
Yeah, i'm not exactly great either, but i'm still practising ^_^ you should practise too :D submit the best piece you have so far and i'll have a look at it. I'll bet you it's better than my stuff lol ^^;
Hehe, hi ^,^ I don't really draw much anymore, I'm not exactly great at it :P