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Wig curling tutorial

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Here is my tutorial for curling a wig! Enjoy! Check out my other tutorials :D
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how tight do you wrap the hair around the curlers
Misuto-Amestris's avatar
Thank you very much for this tutorial! I'm cosplaying a character with VERY curly hair, and I didn't know what to do until I found your tutorial. It's perfect!
MoonLilyLoverX's avatar
If i'm curling a male wig that's short, would you recommend i plonk it in the water for 3 seconds and then remove it?
silver-bluewind's avatar
It doesn't affect the wig's color? :<
HamoZeon's avatar
can i do this to synthetic wig??
Blackose-Phantomhive's avatar
Probably a very bad idea
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Girlgoth's avatar
Her example is with a synthetic wig, so yes, it will work.
HamoZeon's avatar
ow ...okay XD
pet-of-love's avatar
THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have no idea how many times I have tried and failed curls... got to the point I stared straightening ALL my curled wigs....
somerandompersonwhos's avatar
Is there a way to straighten it back out once this has been done?
RuffleButtCosplay's avatar
Yup, just dip it in hot water sans curlers.
DEATHlikescats's avatar
to straighten, dip the ends back in the boiling water for the same amount of time and lay flat to dry.
somerandompersonwhos's avatar
Thank you sooooo much, that'll help me out tons <3
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thanks :D i wan to curl my wig now (but i will try in saturday because time xD) thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sweet-METAL's avatar
thanks i did it and i got a great result <3<3<3
bythebeatofmyowndrum's avatar
I've been told steam methods aren't permanent, and you can make the wig straight again after a period of time. Is that true? I want to be able to straighten my wig again if need be!
RuffleButtCosplay's avatar
I've never tried the steam method. To straighten the wig you just dip it in hot water again, this time, sans curlers!
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So the dunking method DOES work. I just did my first curl job (it's on my deviant art) and I just used the steam setting on my clothes iron.
RuffleButtCosplay's avatar
I learned this method a while ago and was always like PFFT THIS WILL NEVER WORK was happy to learn it did!
SpinkellaSapphire's avatar
This is a great simple way to curl wigs! :D Great job on this~
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