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Tutorial - Making your lips look bigger

Here's a tutorial on how to make your lips bigger!
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if you also take a slightly darker color and use it in the corners and the edges of your lips and a lighter color in the middle area and lightly blend them you have highlights/shadows making them also a bit fuller as well ouo~ makeup is a wonderful tool for illusions of the mind XD  either way it looks great
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If you wanted to do this in real life, no cosplay or anything, you could take a lip liner in your natural lip colour and out-line your lips on the very edge, so you're tracing the outside ^^ Michelle Phan has done a tutorial on this ^^ I love your tutorials, they are very helpful :D
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I do that in this tutorial. Thank you!
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Well i know about it ;p
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I can't use the paper method though, I have this tissue thing connecting my upper lip with gums :c
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You know, I found that to be an issue for me too, but I discovered a solution! 
*Chewing gum!* 
It can be molded around that tissue..and on the plus side, you'll have minty fresh breath! 
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I need to make mine look smaller, mine are too big. :XD: 
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But using the lip eraser around the edges would help!
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This tip is very helpful! I usually go about the same way but I had not thought about folding a paper and actually putting it in the mouth. Thank you so much for sharing! :D
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You are absolutely one of my most fav cosplayers, I love your tips! Thank you very much! :3
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No problem! Glad to help!
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that piece of paper part is genious!
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Thanks! Apparently it's a drag queen trick!
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Amazing! Thanks!
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I'm gonna try this for my Hilde cosplay
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Good to know! Thanks for the tutorial. I'm sure I'll find a use for it someday. :D
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