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Tutorial-Leeloo Wig

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Here's a tutorial for my Leeloo wig! Feel free to browse my gallery for my cosplay and other tutorials!
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LeelooKris's avatar
hello ;)
it's great !where did you buy this wig ?
SuWaNu's avatar
Yeah, i also would like to know it!
Tarulein's avatar
super Tutorial :)
RainbohMarshmalloh's avatar
This looks a lot less expensive, the cheapest Leeloo wig I could find out there was over $90.. OUTRAGEOUS! If I end up doing a Leeloo cosplay I'm using your awesome method :D
VChanNekoSama's avatar
Where did you get the wig?
RuffleButtCosplay's avatar
I bought it off a girl in the coscom market. No idea where it originated.
Steampunk-Girl's avatar
Awesome tutorial! Just a little question, what's the kind of paint you used? Acrylic? Ink?
LuCyKuRo's avatar
this is great! thank you for the tutorial! n_n
kitsune-mana's avatar
yaaay :D I need to make one for myself for halloween!
HeartlessInu's avatar
I don't plan on cosplaying as Leeloo any time soon, but I'd sure love to have a wig like this. Thanks so much!
waterdancer's avatar
i know leeloo's hair is kinda gritty anyways, but did you find the paint effected its consistency? could you use that technique on another wig, and still get the normal fall and movement of it?
RuffleButtCosplay's avatar
I've tried it on other wigs looking for a method to lighten wigs, but it makes it feel weird.
waterdancer's avatar
thanks for the input!
Nora-Poo's avatar
wow, I was just thinking about how you did your wig for this during work. Thank you! Very helpful.
RuffleButtCosplay's avatar
I was reading your mind.
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