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Tutorial - Bunny Suits - Part One - The Suit

If you would like to purchase my pattern, please go here! Available in pattern sizes 6-22!

So this is a long time coming. I'm sorry it took me so long to make it. I will hopefully be able to get the other tutorials done soon! Thank you for your patience.

If you are looking for boning and it's not local to you, please try They have EXCELLENT prices.
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is your patterns still avalaible?
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Hi! Mind me if I ask for some advice? I'm making a cosplay with the upper part like this. I DO NOT need to make a full bunny suit, as I need to stop at the hips and have different details. What would be yur recommandations for pattern making in this case?
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this is so damn good, always a great reference. you are a god for sharing this.
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I misread this as Tactical Bunny Suit at first, nice tutorial!
FuzziePeachCosplay's avatar
Hello! I was wondering if your store will be up soon to buy the pattern!! 
Countrysweet395's avatar
Have you don't the other tutorials yet? I can't seem to find these and I would love to try and do a full bunny suit ^~^
Could I commission someone somewhere to make a bunny girl outfit?
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Thanks so much for releasing your pattern and tutorial!
I have a question about printing to scale. There's no sizing square to reference so I printed at 100% and hoped for the best, but after assembling it's clearly bigger than the guide measurements would suggest.
Can anyone tell me the intended size of a good reference point on the pattern, like the outline of the size chart or the icon explanation box?
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I printed out the pattern and made a mock-up of the suit out of muslin this weekend. I thought it printed too big until my roommate realized that I did not take in the correct seam allowance. I redid the mock-up with a seam allowance between .5" and .8" (originally I did it at .4"). According to the measurements on the pattern the size 16 should be 38"bust, 30"waist, and 40" hip. I hope that helps a bit 
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Hi! I'm so glad I found this tutorial! I'm cosplaying Scarlet Witch for Comic-Con this year, so I'm glad I found this! Anyways, is there any way you could write up like a list of materials? I'm trying to find everything from the tutorial alone, but I'm having a bit of trouble. Thank you!!
mollycheshirecat's avatar
This is going to help me out so much, thank you :D
Myschief0's avatar
This is going to be useful when I eventually cosplay Poison Ivy, thanks!
NekoNamiCosplay's avatar
Thanks so much Jesse!  I just started on my suit using your pattern as a base (I sewed a mockup last night to get my perfect fit ^_^).  I had two questions about the tutorial - what layer are we sewing the cup into?  It looks like we sew it to the facing layer between the facing and the lining but I wanted to clarify ^_^  Also, does it make a difference what way the bones face in the end?  i.e. does it matter if the side with the bias tape visible on the facing is towards the lining or the fashion fabric?  

Thanks so much!  I'm making so many bunny suits thanks to you! :D
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what size boning did you use? 1/4 or 1/2? and roughly how long did you need to cut it? 4-5ins?
wednesdayclear's avatar
are you still keeping the inside a secret, or does it get revealed with the instructions that come with this new iteration of the pattern?
RuffleButtCosplay's avatar
It really isn't anything that will keep you from making a good bunny suit. It's something I've experimented with and it hasn't quite worked the way that I've wanted to yet, which is why I haven't shared it. Until I can successfully do it, I'm not going to include it.
MokonaRo's avatar
WoW So useful!! I think this will help me a lot!!
RuffleButtCosplay's avatar
Are you still selling the Bunny Suit Pattern? If so I'd love to know how much it is and save up for it! I really love your work!
RuffleButtCosplay's avatar
I know it's been a while, but I just a new and improved one on Storenvy! It's available in a TON of sizes and a better fit as well as more information!
I bought it and am going to make a Poison Ivy cosplay first. Wish me luck!!
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I've read this a whole lot, and I realized that your tutorial doesn't cover joining the lining/ interlining to the fashion piece. Is this also a secret?
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