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Saber Hair Styling Tutorial

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Uploading some of my older tutorials.

What you'll need:
- One full length, long wig (I'm working with Kelly from Cosworx. 23 inches)
- 1 Pack of extensions (I actually cut up another blonde wig I wasn't using)
- (With extensions) A long braid
- 1 Wig head
- 1 Ponytail holder (hair tie)
- Ribbon
- Several bobby pins

1. Make sure wig is secure on wig head with several sewing pins along the cap rim.
2. Pull wig into a ponytail, about mid-back of the wig head.
3. Twist the ponytail to the right.
4. Hold the base of the ponytail with one hand, and with the other, bring the end around, over the top.
5. Pull the end of the ponytail through the loop created with the first hand.
6. Pull it through, making a knot.
7. Bring the left over around the top and pin it to the wig.
8. Appearance of bun after pinning.
9. Grab some extensions and start by putting them over the bun.
10. Pull it around tightly and pin the strands to the wig in multiple places.
--Do this as many times as you feel fit. I do it twice and bring the second one over the top of the bun. (see ex. 11)
11. Take you braid made of extensions and put it around the bun. Take the two lose pieces and put the ribbon at the bottom and top.
12. Tie the ribbon in a knot tightly, making sure both strains are secure. Tie the bow.
13. Hide end of strands and pin as much as needed.
14. Finished wig.

Remember that the wig will be VERY back heavy. Be careful using a wig cap, if it's not placed on properly, the wig will slip off. Make sure the wig is pinned to your head to prevent it coming off.

Other ways you can keep it secure it sewing hair clips in the netting or sewing clear elastic on the pieces in front of the ears.
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Is there an actual name for this? I know it's some kind of bun, but I don't know that type of bun it is.
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so helpfull, i wanna try it. and thank you for making this helpfull tutorial :D
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so helpfull, thank you for making this tutorial
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Thanks! I was wanting to put my friends hair up like this, and this should be a big help.
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Did you ever manage to put your friend's hair up like this? I'm curious because I've been wanting to try this on my own hair for quite awhile.
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Can someone tell me the name of this hairstyle.
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Do you think there'd be a way to do it without using a wig?
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I love your saber costume as a whole but I gotta ask how did u do her jacket top?
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How do you get the little strand in the front above the bangs to stick up like that?
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Lots and lots of hairspray.
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Kya! This will be so useful for my Saber cosplay I'll be doing ^~^ Thank you! I love smart and helpful people like you :3
RuffleButtCosplay's avatar
You're welcome! Good luck!
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Thank you for tutorial! It's realy helpful!
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It is very useful.Thank you for sharing. Could I share all of your Tutorials in my hometown COS BBS? I would like to share with my friends. We are new player. All of these will be very helpful to us.
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how'd you mak the gold dots stick out so much on your saber dress? xD
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Great tutorial, I used this a few years ago for my saber wig. Thanks!
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What kind of fabric did you use to make the skirt, with all the points?
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Glad you've posted this here! I've told several people to look for this tutorial :3 Best one!
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Wonderful tutorial. Now I might be able to tie my hair like hers. xD
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You were the one who posted this awesome tutorial?
You're an awesome person and a great cosplayer!!
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Heh! Thank you. It's a really old one.
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