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Madoka Petticoat Tutorial

I have been wanting to make this for a while since I get a lot of questions about my petticoat and Madoka cosplayers in general seem rather lost when it comes to her ridiculous skirt. Enjoy my tutorial! Feel free to ask questions!
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IS the top skirt also made of organza?
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wow! incredible :) the hard work definitely paid off, looks super adorable
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How many yards of (organza) did you get?
Thanks so much for this tutorial! I'm adapting it right now with only 4 layers for a more... everyday-poof petticoat. You mentioned each skirt is 1 inch longer than the last but not how you arranged them. Is the outer layer the longest or the shortest? Thanks again, love your work!
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I'm pretty sure the outer layer should be the longest so the end result is kind of a flat shelf effect
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oh my god the effort 
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This tutorial is great! (Especially for me, someone with no prior experience in skirt making.) I want to use premade ruffles, because I don't own a sewing machine, but I'm not sure how much I need. I have a large roll of ruffles that's 18 yards/54 feet, and I was wondering if that would be enough? Judging by the amount of ribbon you started with, I'm going to need a LOT, but I'm unsure how much of a lot. 
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Would this method of multiple circle skirts work on something floor-length? I'm looking at making Sapphire's dress from Steven Universe, and as you can see, it's not nearly the poof monster that Madoka's dress is. Unfortunately, it has a geode effect on the underside which means I can't just buy/make a regular petticoat. Would it be possible to adapt this method and just use different shades of blue ribbon?
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Wow, thank you so much for making this tutorial! Honestly I don't even have plans for a Madoka, I just want to make one of these for funsies because it looks like a blast to wear xD Your cosplay came out amazing! One of the best Madokas I've seen, hands-down.
What would you recommend instead of elastic? Also, how exactly did you make the pattern for the petals?
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a zippe or snaps. Yumi King on YT did a tutorial on this
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Great tutorial! But I'm pretty sure that you don't have to fray check the ribbons on the top like you did unless you cut it there :/ ribbons already have finished edges so you don't have to fray check anything. Only the ends of the ribbons (or anywhere else that you cut it) should be fray checked or hemmed. 
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Tutorial says they were cut, this is an experienced seamstress with lots of trial and error, so if fray check is the preferred method of choice due to circumstances and after trying different things, then that's how it will be done for them.
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Wow! This is excellent. I don't know if I'll ever have a reason to make something like this, but it is fascinating seeing how it's done. Multiple skirts? Why didn't I think of that?
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I love your expression. You just look so done and I can't blame you. Lol.
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Adorable and sounds so fun!!
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For the horsehair things, how exactly do make and put these in?
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this is exactly what i have been looking for! thank you so much <3
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all your hard work was worth it- this looks amazing! thank you for the tutorial, maybe i'll try it out someday ^^
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how much organza did you get? and is the mirror organza puffier or is there no difference?
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i just love how ridiculously poofy this is
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thaaank yooouuu! I needed this so much ahhh
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