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How to thicken a wig by combining two wigs

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I've been meaning to put this one together and upload it for a while. As usual, if you have an questions, ask and I will do my best to answer them.
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Kind of a stupid question but is it normal for some hair to fall out?
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Very cool and helpful! Thanks! :)
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oh thank god someone has a tutorial up!! i have a question though, i'm going to be cosplaying a cartoon character that has really long thick hair and is pretty much a blob(due to the drawing style) is there a way i could thicken the wig and style it so it looks put together and cartoony?
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Have you ever tried combining wigs of two different colours? If so how did it turn out?
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Would I be able to make a wig thick enough for this cosplay if I added two to one?…

(Art belongs to it was used for referance)

Also, did you tease your wig for the photo shoot in addition?
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Can you do this with Undertaker wig from Black Butler?
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Do you cut the wig all the way through or do you stop at certain point?
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You stop at the end of the cap.
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step 5:cut into it...? we just did that in step 4..right? ^^;
I'm a huge sucker for directions...could you explain step 5 a bit more? like, do we cut around the edges and make it more round? or do we just cut through the skin top part?

excuse me, thank you^^
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This is such a great tutorial! I've been wondering how to achieve this effect for a while. Thanks!
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You just cut one then sew it to the TOP of the other wig? sew around the scalp part of the other wig to make it thick? no seam ripping?
And when you cut it, do you want to cut the wig from the back or front and how far in should one cut the wig?
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Did you not read the tutorial?
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And takin a close look at your reply i guess i did get it right^^
Thank you
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Hehe, sometimes you need to read them a couple of times. Did you have any other questions?
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nope ;) thank you
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By the way... how do you sew a wig to another??? Do you hand-stitch it from the wig head directly??? O.o (Sorry, I'm really new at this...)
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I'm not quite sure what you are asking. Please explain a little more.
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Hard to explain... I mean, do you keep one wig on the wig head, place the other against it and then sew? Is it done with a curved needle like I've seen on some tutorials and what kind of stitch do you use? I've never worked on a wig before, other than very minor adjustments (such as braiding hair or something).
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You keep it on the wig head to just aid in sewing it. It doesn't NEED to be on the wig head, but it certainly helps. You can use a curved needle, it is all preference.
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OMG!!! I love this tutorial!! You are awesome and I worship you and your awesomeness!!
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Do you guys do video tutorials?
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It's just me. I don't. I'd like to eventually.
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