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How to make Armor with Foam Sheets and Fabric

Been wanting to make this one for a while. I'll post one on making armor fingers later! Thank you to Goldy for introducing me to this method.
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great! Thanks for the tutorial!
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This is perfect! I needed this because I planned on doing some Overwatch cosplay and I needed to learn how to make a metal arm!
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This is brilliant! I write a series of books about an armored character and have had some interest in cosplaying her.  Now they can build their armor. Thank you very much for sharing this.
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What type of foam do you use? :D This is really cool. But all the foam I know about in craft stores seems kinda flimsy.
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Can this be used on a large scale, such as with full chest pieces? I plan on cosplaying Tetsujin-28 in the future, and this would be a really neat, lightweight way of doing his armor.
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I don't know if you got an answer yet, but using thicker foam, like EVA foam, is better for large chest pieces like that. you'd need a heat gun though, to help mold it; although you could still use an oven (which is just much more hot). I've never fabric coated armor, bbut if you use the smooth side of the foam, i believe it would work! I hope this helps!
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What about covering details with fabric? Like,for example a glove with swirls? How does that work?
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Muy util, bien explicado y las fotos concretas. Me gusta <3
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Asking a question probably a million years late but... where does one acquire metallic spandex (or something that works just as well)?
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I just struck gold two days ago at my local Joann's.  I was so happy, because every other tutorial I read said you have to buy this stuff online.
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It's usually under active wear, or just ask if they have silver spandex.

Uhh hi so i am extremely new to the whole cosplay thing never made a thing for it in my life, i went to my first con october this year, i had extremely more fun then i thought  tho :) but erm i had bought this nightwing spandex outfit to cosplay in, and it worked great for my first time. but if i´m gonna use it again i would like to give it a more armored look, , however i wonder if i could use this tutorial on an full spandex suit, you know without messing up the fitting ..heh so yeah and something affordable for a students wallet would be nice 

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Awesome tutorial! I have a question about fabric.  Is there a particular place you buy your fabric from for this technique?  Thank you.
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i'd personally use this fabric here…
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You're welcome ^^
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Nice tutorial! Thank you!
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What do you suggest for pieces where both sides are seen?
Aoichan92's avatar
how do you get the foam to hold a shape or fold?
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I've never used this particular technique before with the spandex and stuff, but if you heat craft foam, put it in the shape/curve you want, and let it cool like that it will keep the shape.
Aoichan92's avatar
oh awesome but do you happen to know the durability of the crafting foam?
FallinAwe's avatar
Not off the top of my head. You could get some extra and experiment
Aoichan92's avatar
Okay thank you so much 
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