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How to Make Cleavage with Minimal Effort

I am often asked how I get such big cleavage for such a small breasted lady, so here you are, my secret! Follow more of my work…
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I'm a guy with too much cleavage, do you have any tutorials to reduce it instead? haha
Reckless-Royalty's avatar
Bless you!! A thousand times bless you for this tutorial!
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Oh thank god! I was needing a way to fake up some extra boobage for the costumes I wanted to do this fall, and had no idea what I was going to do - you are a lifesaver, thanks!
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May I just say that I think you are a lovely, beautiful girl.
NikonChrome's avatar
I'm always amazed by the ingenuity of cosplayers as well as the tremendous effort to create the costumes.
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helpful advice with added attractions on bottom of page
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Holy crap, that's a whole less painful way than getting a breast augmentation surgery :D (Big Grin) 
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thanks for the tip
GothMunchkin's avatar
Seriously needed this ;;v;;
LadyOfTheYautja's avatar
Ha well how about that :) nice tutorial!
YankeeBlueJeans's avatar
Sweet, now what's the secret to your perfect nose? :D
RuffleButtCosplay's avatar
Ohhh!! haha. I only recently started getting compliments about my nose. Had no idea it was so cute.
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Thanks for the tips!

If you know how to make this type of cleavage I will love you more <3…

The open neckline kills me T_T
RuffleButtCosplay's avatar
I've done this costume.…

I put padding in the cups to push them over more, but basically came to terms with knowing I'm be a small breasted Inori. You can use the cups sideways and move your boob to the "cleavage position" before sticking it down, which with padding, will help a lot.
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Thanks for the tips!


A fellow I.B.T. Committee member
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You're welcome! Boob away!
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