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Proof of utter dorkhood
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By rueyeet   |   Watch
Published: April 20, 2006
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Problem: I wanted to include Hylian script in my Legend of Zelda fanart, but as it turns out, the Japanese game designers (reasonably enough) based Hylian on Japanese katakana. Thus, to spell anything in English--including some of the character names--caused the same problems as trying to render it in romanji. Example: Link becomes "Rinku", because there's no "L" in Japanese, and katakana is not an alphabet but syllabic, meaning words can't end in consonants.

Solution: Create an English localization of the Hylian script, based as closely as possible on the syllabic script. I used the Wind Waker script (modern Hylian) rather than the Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask one (old Hylian) because it's prettier--the old one looks obviously pixel-ish.

This deviation shows my logic in choosing which characters to use for each letter, and the final alphabet.

Request: If there is anyone out there who can make this a font, I would love you forever.

EDIT: =pettyartist, I will love you forever. :D Font is here -- [link]

Admission: I have GOT to be the biggest nerd on the planet for spending nearly two hours on this.

Disclaimer: The Legend of Zelda series and the original Hylian script are the property of Nintendo.
Credits: Source material used for this project can be found at the most excellent Omniglot: [link]
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EximiusMaxHobbyist General Artist
That's so cool! This is EXTREMELY helpful!!!
JSOkami's avatar
You're not the biggest nerd! XD I AM! I want to use the Wind Waker Hylian language for my story, Legend of Zelda: Chaotic Corruption, where one man speaks Hylian. You're not the only one who wanted to.
EdvardC's avatar
EdvardCHobbyist General Artist
this reminds me of my brother lol. Hes always doing awesome things like this, trying to make a new written code. xD
Tahkaullus01's avatar
Tahkaullus01Hobbyist Writer
I love it when someone puts so much effort into things like this.
KillerBlume's avatar
KillerBlumeHobbyist Digital Artist
Omg ...
I'm german. It's not easy to understand Hylian and English xD
Gurt-B-Froe's avatar
Gurt-B-FroeHobbyist Artist
This is excellent, I might use this for something...
Cricket-The-Duck's avatar
That's so ridiculously amazing that I sort of want to write everything using it. EVERYTHING.
rueyeet's avatar

...no seriously, that's what I made it for. XD
Nixteresy's avatar
NixteresyHobbyist Digital Artist
owo This is amazing.
SkippyRulesTheWorld's avatar
SkippyRulesTheWorldHobbyist General Artist
this is beautiful -thanks for doing this :)
ThatOneGuy92's avatar
This is made of win!
ThatOneGuy92's avatar
So true! I once painted a chair that was Zelda themed. It had the Triforce and Master Sword on it, and had Hylian script all over it. Being nerdy FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :w00t:
ControlOptionCommand's avatar
i...i dont get it.
rueyeet's avatar
s'okay, there isn't a quiz or anything. :)
ControlOptionCommand's avatar
lol. i commented a few hours after i got home from school...
tari-nenharma's avatar
this helps SO much
twilight princess and old hylian are,yeah,pretty easy
but new hylian O_o
rueyeet's avatar
WW Hylian's just a fancier version of the old OoT Hylian; it's still syllabic. I'd guess this would work for both, really.
Haayls's avatar
HaaylsHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice idea! :D I remember a long time ago, I found the Hylian script, but of course, it was in Japanese. So, being the, well "noob" that I was, I tried to look up the Japanese alphabet. I learned soon after that it's not like our alphabet. :XD:
rueyeet's avatar
You especially should get a kick out of this: one of my main reasons for coming up with a Hylian alphabet was that you can't spell Vaati's name properly in Japanese. :XD:
Haayls's avatar
HaaylsHobbyist Digital Artist
Isn't it グフー?
rueyeet's avatar
Um, maybe? I don't remember my katakana nearly that well, but as I recall, there's not really a "v" in Japanese so "b" is used as an approximation. So if you went by romanji it'd have to be "ba-a-ti." And I hate having to romanji things.
Haayls's avatar
HaaylsHobbyist Digital Artist
Me too. ^^

It's weird, though. Sometimes it sounds like they're saying a how different consonant in Japanese. Like in the motion picture of Death Note, when they say this character's name "Raye", they say it like "Lay".
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