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Rudy Winter
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United States
"Quite kind, but sometimes we're not sure about her stories are there... But, where can we find her? Where can we meet her? And who is this girl come from? Never seen her, never spotted her. Maybe she's mysterious as well?"

1. My MOST favorite song is Left Behind" by DAGames. (Song Link:…)
2. I was born with Autism.
3. I'm a mysterious oddball in the Splatoon Community.
4. I also go by nicknames. I can go by "Rye", "Rude"*, and/or "R.D.W.".
5. I do play Club Penguin Island & Club Penguin Rewritten. My username is "RSGamerCP". Feel free to add me!

*No, I'm not mean; that's just a nickname given by :iconthenobody1324:.

Picture Credits:
► Avatar: :iconanibotmodels:
► Profile Pic: :iconika-miyuki:

NOTE: I do NOT own any of the vectors and bases in my MLP artwork, they all belong to their rightful owners. Also, if you're the creator of the My Little Pony vector and/or base you don't want me to use it in my Deviations, please, PLEASE send me a note and we'll work things out.

Super Special Avatar Icon thanks:
1. :icongold94chica: for letting me use his "Free Kawaii Bonnie Cute Chat Icon"
2. :iconsuricatedash: for letting me use her "Undertale AU - Ink Sans Icon"
3. :iconmelodious-mutt: for letting me use her "Tord Icon"
4. :iconwinter-sunflower: for letting me use her "F2U Tord Icon"
5. :iconlovesnivi: for letting me use her "Splatoon Edd" Icon
6. ???


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Due to the old Journal (like this), here's the full remastered list of my Steam Wishlist:

1. Zombie Night Terror
2. Zombie Night Terror - Soundtrack/Special Edition Upgrade
3. Use Your Words
4. Melody's Escape
5. Cuphead
6. Cuphead - Official Soundtrack
7. BattleBlock Theater®
8. Hello Neighbor
9. Organ Trail: Directors's Cut
10. FaceRig
11. 123 Slaughter Me Street
12. 123 Slaughter Me Street 2
13. Job Simulator*
14. Comedy Night
15. Counter-Strike
16. A Hat in Time
17. A Hat in Time - Soundtrack
18. A Hat in Time - B-Side Soundtrack
19. Doki Doki Literature Club Fan Pack
20. Garbage Day
21. Dead by Daylight
22. Portal
23. Stardew Valley
24. CASE: Animatronics
25. Poker Night at the Inventory
26. Dude, Stop
27. Left 4 Dead
28. Who's Your Daddy
29. Sam & Max: Season 1
30. Sam & Max: Season 2
31. Kitty Powers' Matchmaker

Man, I have a lot, don't I? I wish you good luck. Cheering Starlight Glimmer

Thanks for reading. See you next time!
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Okay, I now officially blame :iconawesomejcr: for getting me into "Sam & Max" already. Both Seasons 1 and 2 games are now on my Steam Wishlist. Damn you, JCR! XD


Here's both seasons on Steam:
Season 1.…
Season 2.…
[GMod] Friday The 13th
Damn, another Friday the 13th? The first one was in April! Anywho, Happy Friday the 13th!

Have a spoopy pic with a bit of gore.

Bullet; Red Splatoon is © Nintendo

Bullet; Blue Friday The 13th is © Victor Miller
Just finished up a gift for my mom's birthday (Which is tomorrow), so no GMod for the rest of the day. ;)
[GMod] Happy Birthday, mrbenio!

Happy birthday, Benio! Here's some pics I made for ya!

QUICK QUESTION: I kinda liked your Zero Punctuation form. Where are you gonna change back?
(P.S. How creative am I with GMod and drawing?)


Emmar belongs to :iconmrbenio:

Created With: Garry's Mod
Edited With: PiZap & Paint

Bullet; Red Splatoon 1/2 is © Nintendo

Bullet; Blue Zero Punctuation is © Yahtzee Croshaw
[GMod] ''I Love To Sing''

Yes, it's actually true folks: I love singing, as it says in the title of this Deviation.

I passed Chorus 3 times in a row when I was in middle school, and man, I sure did love my Chorus teacher! I still miss her though...

And, yes (Please don't kill me because of this), I was highly inspired by this song by the Deeply Felt Puppet Theater that I haven't listened to yet (It's this song:…).

Also, one more thing... Happy 4th of July! Patriotic Raven

*Either that, or I'm just turning myself into a genius for everything I do.

:iconagentandrew:, :iconfancynightsfm:, and :iconvelejarxcy:

Bullet; Red Splatoon 1/2 is © Nintendo

Okay, so this came into my mind when I was thinking about DAGames for the past few months: "Am I Will Ryan's twin?"

You might be thinking "Rudy, I think you're crazy." I'm not, dammit! I'm serious!

Here's a 10 things Will has in common with me (And one extra thing in common with my dad):

  1. We both were born with beautiful blue eyes.
  2. Ever since Will turned 25 and I turned 15 last year, I'm still gonna be 10 years younger than him when I turn 16.
  3. Even though I'm from the US and Will's from the UK, that doesn't mean we have the same united country!
  4. We both love video games and music.
  5. We're both singers (While Will's a music composer).
  6. We both don't take requests (But seriously, DON'T even think about it).
  7. We both love a specific drink. I love chocolate milk while Will loves the Monster energy drink (Man, I need to try it).
  8. My first and last name starts with "R" and "W" while Will's first and last name starts with "W" and "R".
  9. We both dealt with anxiety once.
  10. We're both introverts.
  11. We're both currently 2 dead souls in 2 reanimated bodies.
  12. I've been very nice to Will ever since I first heard of him. Here's an example on Twitter:…
  13. Will and my dad both have the same first and middle name ("William" and "Alexander").
Thanks for reading. See you next time!
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  • Playing: Splatoon 2
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NOTICE: Title of this Deviation is NOT a real website.

Sooo many Luigi dolls, save us. #WhenLuigiDollsAttack

Highly inspired by "Luigi Labyrinth" by :icong-litchy-4:. You can watch it here:…

Dominic belongs to :iconrudyoctokidgamerart: (Me)

Bullet; Red Splatoon 1/2 is © Nintendo

Bullet; Blue Super Mario is © Nintendo
[GMod] Hangin' Out With Dylan-Chan (Gift)
I love Dylan-Chan, not because of her awesome SFM artwork, but also, she's just too damn nice, like me! :3

And, no. We haven't done a voice chat on her Discord server yet, but I'm eager to do that! And you know what? I could book a flight to Las Vegas just to meet Dylan-Chan in-person and give her a huge hug. :tighthug:

:iconika-miyuki: (This is a gift)

Bullet; Red Splatoon is © Nintendo
[IRL] Face Reveal
Boom. This is what I look like.* I did it as a promise from my status on Steam earlier.

*I'm already embarrassed.

After I answer :iconseantheinkling: and :icontwisty-n-spindle:'s question, my OC QnA will be closed until July 22nd.
My God, this much support after me and Dad made things better a few minutes earlier is working. YouThis is a shout for the Top 3 people I really like (I'll do more in the future):

1. :icon123emilymason: - Where do I begin? 3 things that describe this autistic Woomy: Cute, energetic, and most importantly... very, VERY nice. I forgot how long we've been friends for, but I can tell she loves being very nice and supportive to others. I love it when I hear her be adorable, but hell, I don't blame her for that! :3

2. :icontwisty-n-spindle: - Legit, awesome autistic person like me and the others in the Splatoon Community. Still pissed off at people complaining about the FCC (Which he hates) and Net Neutrality, and I understand him. I am currently praying that he gets a Nintendo Switch and a laptop (With GMod) soon, I don't want him to be spoiled once he gets it. I know things are harsh for you right now, Twisty, but please know that I wish you the best and I love you so much (As a friend).

3. :iconthenobody1324: - Even though we rarely talk, play Golf With Your Friends, and keep in contact much, I view him as an awesome person, someone I enjoy making fan-art of, etc. His YouTube channel's low on subscribers and views, so please do me a favor, and go subscribe to him and give him more love:…

That's all. As I'm recovering, I deserve some more love. But while you all are working on that, hugs anyone? Pika Arca Hug

Thanks for reading. See you next time!
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