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Partially inspired by that hunting scene from WWD 3D where the gorgosaurus/nanuqsaurus(?) stalked the pachyrhinosaurus herd, gorgeous tyrannosaur depiction. Probably should’ve made the body lower, but I wasn’t so sure how low can a big theoropod crouch without busting their ankles.

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oh very nice

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So fluffy Nanuqsaurus is no more? Because I see more and more featherless Nanuqsaurus reconstructions and I don't know what to think about it, I for sure know it wouldn't be white since Prince Creek wasn't always a snowy place but featherless?

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Between it getting a boost in size with newer finds, its close phylogenetic relationship to T. rex and more recent studies pointing towards Prince Creek not being as cold as commonly imagined, along with the fact that the same ecosystem housed Pachyrhinosaurus and Edmontosaurus species, who would have undoubtably been scaly (despite what some overspeculative paleoart might show), all point towards Nanuqsaurus being scaly.

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As a fellow Nanuqsaurus enthusiast myself, I really love this reconstruction. Great coloration, anatomy, etc. Breaks the common polar bear trope which is in of itself amazing. Artwork overall is great too with the environment and ambience. Great work on this!

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Is that a Fang from Genndy Tartokovsky’s Primal?

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No haha, but I can see it now that you mentioned it

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I knew it’s not her, I wrote it for a joke. Nice work by the way.

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looks fantastic, love the sense of size :D

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I wish the Walking With Dinosaurs Movie used Nanuqsaurus instead of Gorgosaurus

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It's almost as if the movie was released a year before Nanuqsaurus was described.

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Finally, a Nanuqsaurus that doesn't look like a polar bear stretched into a tyrannosaur shape.

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Haha, still I adore the polar bear Nanuq

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waiT,iTs a nanuqsaurus,i was Tought iTs a Trex

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I don't see why they shouldn't be able to lay down, though crouching might be too much strain on the legs because of weight. Looks great though, don't let realism hold you back too much, either. It's extinct after all.

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A crouch walking theropod sounds kinda cute to see.

I'm a little curious, Nanuqsaurus is usually depicted with feathers.

What's your reasoning?

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Welp WDGHK has already answered pretty much my reasoning and probably did it better than I could, so thank you WDGHK.

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For one thing, Maastrichtian Alaska was nowhere as cold as it is today. Also, more recent finds from Prince Creek suggest that Nanuqsaurus was closer in size to other tyrannosaurs like Daspletosaurus, so the larger body size would reduce the need for feathers to keep it warm. Lastly, Nanuqsaurus is a derived Late Cretaceous tyrannosaur, and so far, we have only found evidence of scale patches (like with T. rex, Tarbosaurus, Gorgosaurus) but no evidence of feathers, despite basal forms like Dilong and Yutyrannus being covered in proto-feathers. For T. rex in particular, who is considered a very close relative of Nanuqsaurus, we have scale patches from various parts of the body, which suggests it was fully scaly.

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Aah I see. Very interesting turn of events.

So no snow at all? Not even like a dark winter as depicted in WWD?

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I think the latest studies suggest no, there was not snow in the winter, but it would have still been cold and, of course, the region would go through a half a year long polar winter (meaning half a year of darkness), so it was still different from other Late Cretaceous Laramidian ecosystems like Dinosaur Park and Hell Creek.

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A thought just occurred to me feathers probably still would help it a lot, though it might not be white due to the absolute lack of snow.

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I don’t see how or why it would need feathers, not to mention how Nanuq’s phylogeny still points against it having feathers.

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Well you said it was colder, having no covering at all sounds like a risk, its not like Rex who lived in a very hot and tropical area who can just rely on its size when cold and its nakedness against overheating.

Any other reasons against feathers for it? Cause it seems pretty logical to me.

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