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Future World 2

Back with some scifi stuff again.
The foreground architecture was made in Cinema4D using the usual set of primitives and booleans, with a little touch of Elefont for the letters. The background was a test to see if i could paint a decent city in Photoshop and i think it came out pretty ok. :) ...
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Akihabara? Myongdong?

"Silent Mobius", "Cloud Atlas" and "Star Wars: Attack of the Clones" .

Rocket powered airship dock?

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The amount of detail must've been insane for ya.
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Yo can I use this one in a film me and some friends are making? I'll give you the credit for it and all
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The world may have more powerful weapons that aliens :) ..Amazing art I swear!
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Hope you don't mind to add the art in :iconxionic-madness: favorite.:) (Smile) 
Thanks very much.
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This looks like a world, that is mix of "Blade Runner" and "Fifth Element". Awesomely Kewl!
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So cool. I love it. =)
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Looks great man! Maybe some bouncers guarding the door. And some people having a cigarette while leaning on the railing. That would make this scene perfect and give it a little bit of life =)
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What is this, Midgar?
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I wanna live there!
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impressive work!
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I love it. I can actually imagine a city in which this comes alive. Great work!
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what a view :-o really cool.
This is kind of cool  :)
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I love the vertigo feeling that produce this picture. Awesome!
I love this piece and your work. I have been an appreciator for a few years now.
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Very, VERY nice!
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Niiiiiiiiice!!! any chance to get a desktop size? I want it to be my wallpaper.
woah. you know what I love most about this? It shows just a dingy club out of all the city. Something about that has a wow factor to it.
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did you use element 3D here ?
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