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Aquatica Wading in Water by RudiciusCaesar Aquatica Wading in Water :iconrudiciuscaesar:RudiciusCaesar 23 14 Mira's New Clothes by RudiciusCaesar Mira's New Clothes :iconrudiciuscaesar:RudiciusCaesar 22 8 Harriet Potter - Commission by RudiciusCaesar Harriet Potter - Commission :iconrudiciuscaesar:RudiciusCaesar 19 13 Mira Flexing by RudiciusCaesar Mira Flexing :iconrudiciuscaesar:RudiciusCaesar 19 10 Mira Over Watercolors by RudiciusCaesar Mira Over Watercolors :iconrudiciuscaesar:RudiciusCaesar 14 3 Alvilda Snowtower by RudiciusCaesar
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Alvilda Snowtower :iconrudiciuscaesar:RudiciusCaesar 24 9
Bloodborne - The Blood Moon Rises by RudiciusCaesar
Mature content
Bloodborne - The Blood Moon Rises :iconrudiciuscaesar:RudiciusCaesar 29 24
Shantae and the Mysterious Temple - Part 3
Shantae continues searching the mysterious ruins she has so unfortunately landed herself in. Keeping a keen ear out for oncoming attackers, the heavily pregnant, half-genie makes her way through the labyrinth of corridors and columns. Shantae, now thoroughly worn out from her journey, walks with a noticeably awkward gait. No longer is the cutlass swung over her shoulder, no longer is there a skip in her step. The cutlass drags on the ground as Shantae barely maintains a grip around its handle. In her left hand, both her red shoes dangle. Walking forward on swollen, tired feet, with her heavy breasts and even heavier belly leading the way, Shantae saunters forth.
“Not a single sign of Bolo! Not a word from Sky! No sign of Risky Boots either!” Shantae grumbles as she continues her exploration. Beads of sweat roll off her nose and silently fall to the cool, damp marble tiles below. Her reddened feet carry her and her expanded girth of a belly onwards. Fetal thumps continue to
:iconrudiciuscaesar:RudiciusCaesar 33 2
Spider-Woman - Sculpture by RudiciusCaesar Spider-Woman - Sculpture :iconrudiciuscaesar:RudiciusCaesar 21 37 Wonder Woman - Sculpture by RudiciusCaesar Wonder Woman - Sculpture :iconrudiciuscaesar:RudiciusCaesar 15 16
Shantae and the Mysterious Temple - Part 2
Running through the dilapidated temple, the gravid bellied, violet haired, clad in red Shantae struggles. Jumping from platform to platform, crossing the divides of the broken floor is far from easy. With each jump, she lands on both feet but teeters forward, her heavy breasts and even heavier belly propelling her forward, as if gravity itself is trying to bring her down. Accompanying every jump is the need to readjust her top. The small golden ring that binds her brassiere together strains from the added girth of her breasts, this causes Shantae to pause before making yet another jump.
“I can’t believe this! This is the third or fourth time I’ve had to readjust my top!” Shantae yammers on with more complaints about her sudden pregnancy. The red fabric of her top is pulled so thin that her dark, large areolas are actually visible. Aware of this, Shantae covers up her breasts in shame.
“W-why am I even doing this? There isn’t anyone around to see me
:iconrudiciuscaesar:RudiciusCaesar 33 31
Amunet - Commission by RudiciusCaesar Amunet - Commission :iconrudiciuscaesar:RudiciusCaesar 4 9
Alice Has Come To
A heavy downpour blankets the young town of New Havana. The remnants of a small tropical storm from the Gulf of Mexico linger over the city. Stagnant and lacking wind, the deluge comes down, heavy and hard. Gravid storm clouds release their cargo straight down. Everywhere is soaked. Raindrops smack against the side of a hospital window. Rolling down the glass, the water obscures the dimly lit room. The curtains are pulled shut almost entirely, save for a space of about a foot. In the room, resting on a hospital bed is the damaged Alice. Lying on her right side, her eyes barely open, Alice tries to look out the window.
“W-where am I?” Alice ponders to herself. She tries to move but nothing happens. She tells her arms and legs to move, the signal is sent, but her limbs are too tired to react. Only a small movement from her left hand comes forth. Rolling her eyes, Alice looks around the room as best she can before closing her weary eyes. Lying there, still, breathing slowly, A
:iconrudiciuscaesar:RudiciusCaesar 22 10
Aquatica Adrift by RudiciusCaesar Aquatica Adrift :iconrudiciuscaesar:RudiciusCaesar 44 23
Shantae and the Mysterious Temple - Part 1
Scuttle Town, a beautiful seaside town of Sequin Land, is the scene of much hustle and bustle. Trade is the big game in this town. Its skyline is dotted with elaborate domes structures. Most buildings are constructed from a fine, rich yellow brick. Red onion shaped domes rest atop them. The warm winds force clouds away, allowing azure sky and bright sun to show clearly. Shorebirds can be found at just about every corner, resting on the roofs of any building close to food. Merchant men and women sell their wares. Old Carpet weavers, sultry pot makers, spice and food salesmen, you name it, Scuttle Town has it.
Scuttle Town also has a notable problem; piracy. For years now, the self-proclaimed ‘Queen of the Seven Seas’ Risky Boots has blundered Scuttle Town of its riches from time to time. The flow of wealth and riches that comes through Scuttle Town is her primary target. With a sizeable flotilla, Risky has managed to lay siege to the town. Her band of pirates, made up exclus
:iconrudiciuscaesar:RudiciusCaesar 61 4
Padme/Jyn - Commission by RudiciusCaesar Padme/Jyn - Commission :iconrudiciuscaesar:RudiciusCaesar 16 21
My gallery is full of many drawings that go all the way to 2005. It really shows how far I've come as an artist, but also shows how much further I can potentially go. Please enjoy my drawings, my writings, and their subject matter.

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by DoDaDew

I haven't done a critique in a while but I saw this piece and had to. Normally, I'd just comment, but since you're so inviting, I will ...

Well, this one is very much like Kim's but with a much different representation. First, the vision, very good, you maintained the motif...

Well, you do know how to please me... So, vision, you know I love Species 2 and I love the entire concept. Originality, I score this av...

So, I will break this down a bit. First, the drawing is good, the vision, originality, technique, and impact are all typical of your ab...


Aquatica Wading in Water
Not the bed title but this little piece has made me happy. Whereas my recent Mira drawing, with her third costume, is more akin to Mira's super light skin tone, Alice her, being Hispanic, has a darker skin tone. I think my Chameleon markers did a good job. Her clothing is normal Prismacolor marker. I did tweak a few things, one being the buckles on the pouches Alice wears. I wanted to differentiate them from the ones Mira wears. Also, notice Alice's wrists? She's wearing stupid morning sickness bands. I had the idea to just break up the solid wall of color on her arms. Her face turned out really well, if you ask me, so did her hair. Unfortunately, the blues I use bled a ton and I had to go over so many spots with my India ink that some areas look kinda bad. Also, the watercolor water at Alice's feet, yeah, didn't turn out too well. 

On that note, I am actually not doing too hot, on a new medicine, really making it hard to sit still and focus. I did this in my smaller tablet and if I had the room, which I didn't, I'd have tried to make a water swirl around her. Maybe someday I will put something small in. Let me know what you guys think. Is she dark enough? Too light? Let me know, remember, again, she's of Mexican descent. 

Also, :iconjishintai: did a recent drawing of my superheroine here and he made use of blue lipstick. It really impressed me so I decided to translate it over. Thanks about, buddy. 
Mira's New Clothes
Beyond the particularly uninspiring title, this has turned out to be one of my better ink drawings! Here we see Mira in what is clearly a new costume! First, you may ask yourselves, "wtf, where is her belly?" Well, you know, this is Mira's third official costume, and it will be featured in my third Mira novel, if I live long enough to make it. My first novel is more or less finished, I just need to get a proof copy and go through its mistakes and do some editing. Btw, anyone interested in purchasing said novel? 

So, to this costume, Mira is wearing a tried and true blue tunic that shows off quite a lot in the bust department and just a little sliver of top belly. Top belly, that's different. You don't see that too much. Her tunic is outlined in a bright yellow. Blue and yellow are the official colors of Ukraine, of which, Mira is a predecessor to modern Ukrainians. Her tribe, the Rus' people, were split into 3 modern groups. In the late 1200s, the Mongols invaded Europe and shattered the Kievan Rus' state that Mira lives in, this is 200 years after Mira's time so don't worry, she won't see the devastation. Anyways, this defeat splintered the Rus' people. Ukrainians fell under the sphere of influence of Poland, and thus, you see the creation of Byzantine-Ukrainian Greek Catholics in the 1500s, since Poland is Roman Catholic. The next group, the Belorussians were occupied by Lithuania, another very Catholic country, hence their Byzantine Catholic population in modernity. And finally, Russia. Russia's capital of Moscow was so far removed from the violence in Kiev that it became a center for Eastern Slavic culture. It also was part of the Golden Horde of Batu Khan, one of the 4 khanates of the Mongol Empire. Thus, Russia was more culturally aligned with the Mongols early on. Just a little history lesson for you folks who have no idea what her tribe is. But since Mira is from Kiev and Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, we have the blue and yellow!!!

One could argue the blue, grey, and red also emphasize Russia, who's colors are white, blue, and red. Grey...white, meh. And fuck adding Belorussian colors, since their flag is red and green. No offense Belarus, but holy shit I hate green lol. 

Anyways, Mira boots are once again bronze colored. I say that because the bronze Prismacolor marker I used is phenomenal! The bronze Prismacolor pencil I use, leaves much to be desired. It is very waxy, which makes a nice affect on leather gloves, but at the same time, is hard to work and blend. So to minimize the use of such a color, I added the metal plates on all parts. How do they look? They're all colored pencil with gel pen over to make them look shiny. I added those red ribbons, which I used on my previous Mira drawing, just to add some color and more detail.  She retains her leggings and arm sleeves, plus her dagger strapped to her thigh. Oh and her fertility armlet. But her Slavic rune necklace representing time is now replaced with the Eastern Slavic tri-bar of Orthodox Christianity, since all my loyal readers know Mira got married in part 2. Right? You guys knew that, right? 

Also, you see her fucking hair!? Look how fucking good her hair looks!!! I found a good technique and pencil to do distinct chunks of hair with. Apparently pumpkin orange is a good color in blonde hair. Her skin was done with my Chameleon skin tones, the blue was Prismacolor's True Blue marker, the yellow was a combination of Chameleon brand's yellow, with my Prismacolor canary yellow. What do you guys think? Does she look good? Should her face be pinkened up a little more? I know her face lacks detail but that's mainly because it's super hard for me to do fine details with ink. So expect to see this design more in the feature. 

Ha, expect. A pun. 
Today was the very last day of my employment at Toys R Us. I am very sad to see it go. I am not sad that I will no longer work Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or even have a reason to leave my house during November-February now lmao. Fuck you holidays.

I will miss all my friends and my second family for sure. Oh and the money. A veteran of many Christmases is paid well. 
Harriet Potter - Commission
This was commissioned by :icongastongtm: and it is a female Harry Potter. While I dislike gender bending anything, we threw ourselves at this piece and had a wonderful time! I thoroughly enjoyed painting this and my partner did an excellent job on the sculpting, the hair, and the cape! Look at those little, teeny glasses! I painted the base and seal but my friend did the calligraphy for the Gryffindor and the floor is supposed to look like the old tile floors of Hogwarts. 

Let me know what you guys think and if anyone wants a commission, by all means, message me! 
Mira Flexing
This is a true multi-media piece that I intend to add a watercolor background too but rather than risk ruining the piece entirely, I figured I would post this version of it and later, if the watercolor works out, I will add that scan to this. Anyways, here we have Mira again, flexing her motherly guns. What is super unique about this piece is I used Chameleon skin tones on her!! If you're not familiar with them, they're a new, weird alcohol marker like Prismacolor or Copics that has a unique blending system that allows you to tone down the ink or add another ink to the mixture to produce very unique effects. As someone who cannot for the life of him, understand how the colorless blenders work, this has been a great asset. Mira's skin is entirely Chameleon markers. Her clothing are my Prismacolor markers. I applied some colorless blender over the greys to create that patchy effect. I have no idea if I'm using it right... Did the same thing with her brassiere and thong. Also, used the wrong brown, whatever, wasn't paying attention. I used old Mira's color, rather than second costume Mira's color, whatever, big deal, you'd never notice.

I also added a little to her costume. The red ribbons around her wrists, the more ornate armor on her left glove, metal rings around her brassiere straps, so worth. Mira's hair is also unique. I used a layer of Prismacolor cream colored marker, applied some other yellows, blended, then let it dry before applying a whole host of colored pencil across it to create what you see. Do you like it? Can you see the depth and direction her strands are flowing? I also added a little, teeny white dot of gel pen to each eye to produce that reflective effect, this was after my best friend hounded me over it, mind you. I also used red metallic gel pen for the beads on the bird skull, and a quick pass with my nectar colored pencil for the linea nigra and there you have it. 

Also, if anyone notices, Mira is a tad on the thicc side in this piece. That was NOT intentional, nor did I notice till she was nearly fully colored. I kinda like it, Mira's still petite, big bellied, tough, long nosed, but now a little...thicc. Love that fucking term. 
  • Playing: Ultra Street Fighter IV.
  • Drinking: Caffeine free Diet Coke
Hey guys, as some of you may have noticed over the past few months, I have an especially hard time with existing lol. Both of my parents are incredibly ill, our dog is crippled now, and my health has declined rather rapidly from like October till about now. I believe that all the stress in my life, which was intensified by the incredibly bad fucking weather Pittsburgh received this year. It literally felt like winter would not end. We had freezing temperatures well into April. Also, I turned 30 in April, shit. 

So beyond all these things, I have tried to stay active and positive, no easy feat. Can't take my dog for walks because, well, she can't walk. I couldn't go on my long, mile walks till like fucking May because I do not want to walk up a hill, then down it, in the span of 30 minutes, in 38 degree weather with a hoodie on. I just don't. I lost so much weight that the even mildest cold renders me weak. Lost a lot of weight due to all my digestive issues. They were made worse by what can be described as "too much stress" and "seasonal depression." Neither of which are fucking treatable unless you move to like, Taiwan or Florida. 

I am finally starting to not have health issues and I wanted to voice that. I also had a ton of major issues in May though. We lost our water for 4 days due to a destroyed pipe, lost a couple hundred getting it fixed. My car overheated and is in terrible shape, and then the latest Windows update damaged my PC and forced me to get professional help, which in the end, turned out to be the best 20 bucks I ever spent in my life. So I am finally back up to speed, I updated my PC, and will hopefully be relieving some serious stress by playing Skyrim again. 

Anyways, commissions are still opened but know that there are 2 ahead of you and we need about 2-3 weeks to work on one piece. Usually we get one to the point that one of us can paint while the other works on the next sculpture, a good division of labor. If anyone is interested in our Spider-Woman or Wonder Woman sculptures let me know. Beyond the sculpture business, I have been experimenting with new art mediums and new tools so stay tuned for some new, experimental pieces. If I ever get left alone to finish

Oh and I have a Discord now if you wanted to chat with me. Screen name is EasternRomioi3 and the goofy number thing is 1593.


RudiciusCaesar's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
My art is passion, desire, and emotion expressed in fantasy driven reality.

I draw, what I call, "Pregnancy Genre" art. I draw pregnant women because they are beautiful, empowered, mystical, and a focal point for what wonderful creativity humanity is capable of. The beauty they hold and represent still gives me hope for this world. Some may deem me and my fellow "pregnancy lovers" as perverts or whatever, and true, there are legions of lesser, perverted individuals, but many who share the belief in the natural beauty of pregnancy.

I do not draw vore, stuffing, weight gain, etc, etc. I am strictly a pregnancy genre artist, who from time to time will deviate from it. I do not draw massive breasts or massive bellies. Though I enjoy fantasy and sci-fi aspects in my art, I do not go that far out of the realm of possibility. If you consider that a fault of mine, whatever, it's just how I function.

I also write from time to time. My ongoing series revolves around my original character, Mira the Rus'. The Rus' are an old ethnic group from Russia and Ukraine that most historians feel are the basically proto-Russian/Ukrainians. She is a rough and tough pregnant warrior from the city of Kiev. Her stories are set in the early 1000s. I try to draw from Slavic myth as much as I can and still incorporate a lot of my own creativity. She has many allies and enemies and I try to write in a variety of styles ranging from action packed, comedic, horror based, etc, etc. Three very close friends helped me develop the idea of Mira in 2011 and my best friend even contributed to naming her, so it was a very collaborative effort that gave me a wonderful outlet for creativity that I cannot express with my pencils.

I have a new pregnant character, recently introduced by the name of Alice Mendoza. She is a comic book style superheroine living in the not so distant future. Her water-based powers helped conjure up her heroic name of "Aquatica." I don't have many stories detailing her life yet but I am working on them and I have some friends who are contributing. Please keep an eye out for more shorts featuring her.

I also write various other one shots, some have sequels, others do not. Many of these are simply stories involving potentially normal, everyday situations, or sci-fi nonsense.

I do from time to time, take requests. Though, I have a rather rigid list of what I will and won't draw. Anything non-pregnancy, I probably won't draw it. Now, since I am the one who will draw any request given to me (duh), I reserve the right to deny requests. If you do have a request, private note me. Provide me with the idea, in detail, a reference pic for a pose or what not. If you don't, I will come up with one and ok it with you, since it is your request. I want to keep a healthy balance between your request and my talent. However, I usually have a list of drawings to do for myself and they take priority unless I have a reason to hustle for your request. If it's a major request (ie colored with my pencils or ink) I may ask for a small fee, depends. I'm generally not comfortable about exchanging currency over the internet due to the obvious problems it can have.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my art, my gallery, read my stories, and just being there to support my existence in this world.



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