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Alice and the Doctor
It is the day following Alice’s somewhat heated discussion with Dr. Carranza. She is sitting up in her hospital bed. All the machines have been disconnected and the storm that rolled through the night has come and gone, leaving a blustery, sunny wind behind. Still wearing her loose and baggy hospital gown, the pregnant maiden has her legs folded beneath her. Her arms to the side, she breathes slowly and closes her eyes. She attempts to find her inner calm, attempts to hold fast patiently as she waits. Each second that goes by is long and heavy, like each breath that escapes Alice’s lips. Her silence is disrupted by a heavy thrust from her lap.
“Oof! Kiddo! Not now…” Alice growls down to her belly as she reaches down and rubs just above her navel. Her right hand pushes the hard protrusion back into the greater mound. As she does this, Alice’s cellphone vibrates. Immediately, she reaches out and scrambles for it. Sliding it on with her left hand, Alice
:iconrudiciuscaesar:RudiciusCaesar 20 2
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Alvilda Snowtower :iconrudiciuscaesar:RudiciusCaesar 25 9
My gallery is full of many drawings that go all the way to 2005. It really shows how far I've come as an artist, but also shows how much further I can potentially go. Please enjoy my drawings, my writings, and their subject matter.

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by DoDaDew

I haven't done a critique in a while but I saw this piece and had to. Normally, I'd just comment, but since you're so inviting, I will ...

Well, this one is very much like Kim's but with a much different representation. First, the vision, very good, you maintained the motif...

Well, you do know how to please me... So, vision, you know I love Species 2 and I love the entire concept. Originality, I score this av...

So, I will break this down a bit. First, the drawing is good, the vision, originality, technique, and impact are all typical of your ab...


The Witch's Brood
Hey gang, this is my entry for :iconpreggogalaxy: Halloween contest. Just something quick and to the point. A witch, with her big, crooked hat, the moon, little demon in her belly. The demon was normal alcohol markers, the witch is all India ink, while the moon and sky are watercolor. I reused a technique and old friend taught me with the watercolor to produce the visual effects. Anyways, I have to run guys, gotta be at work soon! 

Oh, the name is a pun on a witch's brew, duh. 
Wow, I can't believe this shit. I actually was thinking about dealing with the now defunct abusive relationship I was in, considered reconciling it. Here's the thing, I started to INSTANTLY have stomach issues. Proof that my stomach issues are a symptom of that nasty existence. I'll take my food and nutrient absorption, thank you. I immediately stopped doing what I was doing and turned to my regular Youtube shows and that was that lol. 
Ugh, my new job is taxing. Not in a good way mind you, I literally do nothing. I can go almost a full hour or more without speaking a single word, just standing there at my cash register, doing literally nothing. No business, no coworkers, and no interactions. There isn't even a chance to bond with my coworkers as I don't see them. I hate it. Hate it to death. How is a retail place this boring? 

With that said, I am looking into something that might actually be good for me, something that prevents me from standing there and lamenting the fact that instead of literally doing nothing, I could be home drawing, or sleeping. The more I stay in my own head, the more I realize that I am wasting away standing at a cash register. I honestly think cobwebs might form on me if I do another long shift. 
Aquatica's New Costume
Ok, so here we have a new drawing and a new costume for my superheroine, Alice Mendoza, aka Aquatica. I will say a few things. One, I made her feet somewhat too small, they're not teeny tiny but should be a tid bigger. I also screwed up on a few other places but I am NOT pointing them out lol. Good luck finding them. Anyways, I've had this in mind for a few weeks now and have taken my time working on it since I got a head cold halfway through. Here is Alice, in a more sporty, more combat oriented outfit. Knee pads, padded gloves, her pouches, her old domino mask, and new, maternity friendly boots. Boots that are also easier to draw So this outfit, after TONS of little doodles, I settled on this one. Her design was helped by Asuka Kazama's Tekken 5 design. Not a total rip off, I had the idea earlier than remembered Asuka's outfit. Alice's outfit is clearly not maternity friendly, as you can tell, for it cannot be zipped up entirely. So she has a sporty shirt on and some new colors. Her overall outfit are the indigo and light blue Prismacolor markers I used on her old outfit, while the other blues are true blue and ultramarine. I did not use Copenhagen blue this time. 

I may go back and add some more details and add some water effects but for now, I wanted to get her posted. Do you guys like her new outfit? Do you think her skin is dark enough? Let me know what you guys think! As this is a design, it is meant to show off as much as it can, so Alice's pose is shitty, I wanted to highlight as much as I could about the new outfit. Oh and she has pearl earrings, cuz you know, pearls, ocean, whatever. Oh and her panties are showing. 
Rowina - Commission
This was commissioned by :iconalt-ninja25:

This is his original character, Rowina, who is clearly spider, spider lady? Arachnid humanoid. There. She is made out of polymer clay, with a wire, foil, and mash skeleton, real doll hair, and a handmade geisha umbrella. We really enjoyed doing this one. If anyone is interested in commissions, please message me. My friend was very pleased with how this turned out. I especially like the spider eyes and fangs. Well, and the belly. 

Again, message me if you're interested in anything! 
Ok so apparently my buddy, :iconjishintai: tagged me to do the following...

#1 - Post the rules (so as follows...)
#2 - Post 8 random facts about my character, of which, my buddy asked for Aquatica/Alice Mendoza, my second major OC.
#3 - Tag 8 other creators (that's not happening since I don't know that many people and I'm sure if I do tag anyone, they've already been tagged, so I'll tag a few, if I can.
#4 - Post the OC and the creator's avatar so they know who to talk about. 

So, water bae...

Aquatica - Colored by RudiciusCaesar

8 Random facts...

1 ) - Alice Mendoza is a US citizen, born to Mexican immigrants. 

2 ) - Alice considers herself a Mestizo. To clarify that, Latin America has "las castas" (the castes). These are the ethnic words used to describe people of Latin America. A real quick explanation, this is not considered racist, these words are actual Spanish words to denote people and many take pride in their ethnic makeup. The groups go somewhat like this "peninsulares." These are 100% European immigrants, specifically from Spain and Portugal (the Iberian Peninsula, hence the name). Next comes "criollos", these are 100% Europeans BORN in Latin America, born outside Spain or Portugal. This also applies to other ethnicities, 100% German, both parents are German immigrants to Mexico, you are criollo. Next is "indios", Native Americans, regardless of tribe. Next "negros", Africans regardless of if born in Latin America or immigrated to, or slaves. Now, we have the ethnicity called "mestizo." These are people of both European descent and Native American, meaning one or both parents are Native American, or partially. In the case of Alice, both her parents are of Nahuatl descent, the tribe the Aztecs belong to, while having Spanish, Basque in the case of Alice's dad, blood as well. The overwhelming majority of Latin Americans are mestizo. 

3 ) - Alice studied literature and fine writing in college meaning she now works retail. 

4 ) - Alice is, as of the story's progression so far, 24 years old, and has been pregnant for about 14 months. 

5 ) - Alice's pregnancy is "suspended" due to the origin of her powers. Due to some side effect of the water retention pill she took, she received her water powers, at the expense of retaining more than just her water, get the joke? It's a pun. Get it? 

6 ) - Like Mira (my other OC), Alice was named by one of my friends, not by myself. In this case, :icontracker2222: 

7 ) - Alice is a mixture of sass, spunk, and aloofness. She is well aware of her body and its allure but lacks any actual combat prowess and is notably clumsy. She does, however, throw a mean punch. 

8 ) - There is a collection of unused, unopened baby products in her closet for the aforementioned reason. 

Ok, tagging, holy shit,'s one.

:icondestroyedchildhood: and her frost giant OC, Jolie. 
:iconzero-thl: and...whomever he chooses, idk.
:iconalt-ninja25: and Rowina.
:iconenigmaticenvelope: and Kyouka. 
:iconninshinobi: and Snow Bunny.
:iconfuccbou: and his girl who keeps running from that xenomorph. Sorry man, the only thing I could think of lol.
:iconmpregnator: and his OCs Sue and Kim, and because they are two OCs, that's my 8, I'm calling it.

No one is under any fucking obligation to respond to my tagging lmao. 


RudiciusCaesar's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
My art is passion, desire, and emotion expressed in fantasy driven reality.

I draw, what I call, "Pregnancy Genre" art. I draw pregnant women because they are beautiful, empowered, mystical, and a focal point for what wonderful creativity humanity is capable of. The beauty they hold and represent still gives me hope for this world. Some may deem me and my fellow "pregnancy lovers" as perverts or whatever, and true, there are legions of lesser, perverted individuals, but many who share the belief in the natural beauty of pregnancy.

I do not draw vore, stuffing, weight gain, etc, etc. I am strictly a pregnancy genre artist, who from time to time will deviate from it. I do not draw massive breasts or massive bellies. Though I enjoy fantasy and sci-fi aspects in my art, I do not go that far out of the realm of possibility. If you consider that a fault of mine, whatever, it's just how I function.

I also write from time to time. My ongoing series revolves around my original character, Mira the Rus'. The Rus' are an old ethnic group from Russia and Ukraine that most historians feel are the basically proto-Russian/Ukrainians. She is a rough and tough pregnant warrior from the city of Kiev. Her stories are set in the early 1000s. I try to draw from Slavic myth as much as I can and still incorporate a lot of my own creativity. She has many allies and enemies and I try to write in a variety of styles ranging from action packed, comedic, horror based, etc, etc. Three very close friends helped me develop the idea of Mira in 2011 and my best friend even contributed to naming her, so it was a very collaborative effort that gave me a wonderful outlet for creativity that I cannot express with my pencils.

I have a new pregnant character, recently introduced by the name of Alice Mendoza. She is a comic book style superheroine living in the not so distant future. Her water-based powers helped conjure up her heroic name of "Aquatica." I don't have many stories detailing her life yet but I am working on them and I have some friends who are contributing. Please keep an eye out for more shorts featuring her.

I also write various other one shots, some have sequels, others do not. Many of these are simply stories involving potentially normal, everyday situations, or sci-fi nonsense.

I do from time to time, take requests. Though, I have a rather rigid list of what I will and won't draw. Anything non-pregnancy, I probably won't draw it. Now, since I am the one who will draw any request given to me (duh), I reserve the right to deny requests. If you do have a request, private note me. Provide me with the idea, in detail, a reference pic for a pose or what not. If you don't, I will come up with one and ok it with you, since it is your request. I want to keep a healthy balance between your request and my talent. However, I usually have a list of drawings to do for myself and they take priority unless I have a reason to hustle for your request. If it's a major request (ie colored with my pencils or ink) I may ask for a small fee, depends. I'm generally not comfortable about exchanging currency over the internet due to the obvious problems it can have.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my art, my gallery, read my stories, and just being there to support my existence in this world.



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Horseturtle Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2018
Excuse me, Me. Caesar. I have an idea for a drawing. My one friend is absolutely in love with the Jedi Knightess Aayla Secura. Do you think you can draw a pregnant Aayla for him? As a gift from a new friend to me to my friend? Please :)
RudiciusCaesar Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
While a preggo Jedi is definitely something I would draw, I just don't have time to do it. Drawings take quite a while and I'm trying to work on my own stuff. Like I said, I'm open to suggestions but I almost never do requested drawings unless I owe the person a favor. Sorry. 
Horseturtle Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2018
Wait, what if you draw this for me, and I'll make something for you :)
RudiciusCaesar Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Idk man, maybe, but it might be like a year from now with how I work. I can only really manage 1 drawing a month and have one I'm working on now. Sadly, it can't be finished any time soon because I had to order a special tool to finish it. Won't be here till fucking September 26th. 
(1 Reply)
Horseturtle Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2018
Will you do it one day?
Horseturtle Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2018
RudiciusCaesar Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Don't beat yourself up over this. I have very little time to sit and just draw. If I lived alone, I would be able to work way more but I can't. There are too many people here and it is entirely too loud 60% of the time to focus. And if I fuck up a drawing due to that, or in general, I go through horrible mood swings that usually end with me considering to kill myself and thus, I don't draw often due to the risks. 
(1 Reply)
mikail222 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2018
Thanks for the favorite! As always the story is ongoing and you may add to it via the rules on chapter 1. I personally would love to see what you'd come up with, as you are actually one of my favorites in DA. ^_^v
RudiciusCaesar Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aw, you're welcome and thank you so much, I appreciate you saying that about me. I really do. Not many people take note of me. 
mikail222 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2018
Blending the often surreal and macabre with the natural and fantasy is something worthy of appreciating. Your talents are not lost on me my friend ;)
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