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By El Gordito

Dave was just about ready to leave the office when his boss, Dan, asked him to come over to his office. He stepped in and was asked to sit down. "Dave, Biotech has made a new chemical and we need someone to test it on. It's perfectly safe but we are required to test it on humans. You would get 5 extra dollars an hour for testing it."

"What does it do?" Dave asked.

"It allows the body to use energy more efficiently and store fat more readily. It also is extremely high in calories and fat. So basically it makes people gain weight. In famined areas this chemical will help people survive."

Dave didn't like the idea of gaining weight, but needed the money. "Alright. How does it work and when do I start?"

"Just drop one drop of this liquid" Dan held up a bottle with an eye dropper top "in a glass of water each morning. That'll put on a pound a day. You'll start tomorrow morning. You also have to keep a weekly journal and attend a weekly photo shoot. All extra expenses like clothes, furniture, etc., will be supplied by me."


The next morning Dave took the chemical and went on with his day.

Dave's Journal

WEEK 1-Gained 7 pounds-187lbs. (6_1" tall): I'm starting to feel a little soft around the mid section and my clothes are a tiny bit less roomy. Other than that nothing is different.
WEEK 2-Gained 8 pounds-195lbs: I'm definitely starting to fee a little belly. My clothes aren't fitting as well as they used to, but there is still not a lot of recognizable difference. Maybe I should take more?

WEEK 3-Gained 8 pounds-203 pounds: My belly and butt are really getting soft. My chest is larger and hangs down a bit. My pants don't fit as loosely as before and I don't need a belt anymore. It's working.

WEEK 4-Gained 9 pounds-212 pounds: As I look in the mirror I see that my belly is starting to hang over my belt. I'm developing love handles as well. And when I was running up the stairs since I was late to work I felt something weird. Then I realized It was my tummy bouncing up and down.

Dan said if I take twice as much I'll get 7.50 extra an hour. It's a lot of money.

WEEK 5-Gained 16 pounds-228 pounds: My clothes are excruciatingly tight. I have to leave my pants unbuttoned and unzipped, my boxers cut into my expanding waist, and my shirts won't fit over my big belly. Dan says he's getting me more clothes, with room to grow. Thank god!

WEEK 6-Gained 20 pounds-248 pounds: The new clothes are huge! Size 60 waist. 5xl shirts. And extra large boxers. But they're roomy. I'm noticing it's getting difficult to do things like go up stairs, looking at thins by me feet and tying my shoes ( big belly in the way). Plus I'm putting on more weight than I should. Of course I am eating much more now.

WEEK 7-Gained 21 pounds-269lbs: My close aren't so tight any more. I'm putting on weight real fast. Soon I'll break 300. While in the shower I wash my tummy but it's getting hard to reach around it. But not too hard. How far will I go?

WEEK 8-Gained 31 pounds-300lbs. My stomach hangs over my belt now. A lot. And my breasts are much larger. I've had some women say things like "Hey big boy, I like big men" One even grabbed my love handle and slapped my stomach! It wiggled and jiggled like crazy.

If I take 3 drops a day I'll get 10 dollars extra an hour. I'm going to do it.

WEEK 9-Gained 45 pounds 345lbs: My clothes now fit right. I can't sit in my computer chair any more because the handles get in the way. My fingers are getting pudgy enough that they get in the way of my typing anyway.

My tummy's still growing. Oh man. When will I stop?

Dave woke up in the morning, turning off the alarm. He sat up slowly, pushing with his arms to get up. His belly gushed out onto his thighs as he sat up. He strolled into the bathroom, only his boxers on and looked in the mirror. His stomach was really big and hung over his boxers. His belly button had also grown larger and deeper. He gave his tummy a pat that sent ripples through it. He smiled and saw that his neck and chin had also accumulated some fat.

He reached for his cup, filled it with water and dropped in three drops of the serum. He forgot to put the cap on the bottle and set it on the shelf as he stepped into the shower. The bottle fell over but stayed on the shelf and a huge amount (approximately 1 teaspoon=25 drops) fell into his cup

Once Dave had gotten dressed (not an easy undertaking) he grabbed the glass and drank it all. He went down stairs had breakfast (bacon, eggs, pancakes, whole milk) and went back upstairs. He felt a strange sensation in his stomach and went into the bathroom. Suddenly he began to get fatter extremely quickly. His belly rounded outward and filled out his button up and under shirt. His butt began to press against his pants. He looked in the mirror and his cheeks and neck were getting bigger and bigger. His shirt was so tight! He quickly undid his belt as his pants filled out completely. The button flew off and they unzipped. His buttons that were on the portion of his shirt which covered his belly popped off and so did the rest. His arms were so thick that the sleeves ripped and his calves and thighs so huge that his pants tore apart all together. His undershirt stretched and snapped up to his enormous breasts, revealing his immense belly.

Once the enlargement stopped, Dave stared at himself in the mirror. His under shirt had ripped and he had pried it off. His belly was enormously fat. He tried to reach around but absolutely couldn't. He got a third of the way around on either side. I sagged a lot but still stuck out a lot too. His boxers were all that was left. He had put on the largest pair he had (in case something like this happened) XXXL. His ass was enormous as well. His breasts just hung there. He stepped onto the scale which read 568 pounds. He called his boss. "I had an accident."

Part 2
Dave's boss said that he would bring some new clothes. He asked Dave to measure his waist with the tape measure he kept in the bathroom for that sole purpose. He stretched it around which took some time since he had to do it around his back or he wouldn't be able to reach all the way around his stomach. Finally he got and read 76". "Oh my god!" Dave shouted.

After he hung up with is boss he called his girlfriend Lilly. He explained the entire thing and detected a note of excitement in her voice. She had been at her grandparents farm for the past few months and hadn't seen him. she came right over. She got the clothes from Dan and told him that she could handle it.

She came in and hurried over to the bathroom. She saw Dave standing there, clad only in boxers. She saw his huge belly hanging over his shirt, astounded at it's size. She walked over to him and gave him a big hug. It was odd because she could only get as far as about his lovehandles. She took out the pants and told Dave to lift up his left leg. As he did so he had to grab the sink for stability. She pulled the massive tentlike pant leg over his leg and instructed him to put his foot down. She repeated the process with the other leg and grabbed the waistline slowly standing up. Her head hit his stomach (now a giant ball of soft, moldable flesh). She took a step back, brought up the pants and zipped them and buttoned them up.

Dave pulled on his under shirt and Lilly helped pull it over his immense belly. Then he pulled on a button-up shirt and did the top buttons, Lilly taking the ones which he couldn't reach. She helped him squeeze out of the door. They sat down and talked for a while, about what had happened. "Look's like I'll have to do some serious dieting" he said

"Actually, I want you to gain more weight. I've never told you this but I'm attracted to large men." Dave was astonished. He explained the formula to her and she told him to take 3 drops a day.

2 weeks later, he weighed 623 pounds. His shirts revealed about 6-12" of his gargantuan belly. In the mornings, Lilly had to help him get out of bed. She had to. He couldn't sit up and get off the bed without her help. When he only weighed 560 he could get up on his own after a few minutes of struggling.

This morning, the alarm went of and Dave reached his jiggling arm back and turned it off. Lilly got up and crawled over and straddled his belly. Come on big boy, she said reaching down and putting her hands under his soft, moldable armpits. She began to pull and he began to try and sit up. After a few minutes of struggling, Dave finally sat up, his belly resting on his thighs and even on his knees a bit. Lilly sat on it like a recliner, panting. Next she got down and pulled his legs over the side of the bed and helped him to his feet. Dave stood there trying to gain his balance, panting.

"I can't gain any more weight or I'll be immobile."

Just then the phone rang and it was for Dave. It was Dan. They had made a formula just like the one he used only it would make him lose weight. Dan brought it over, but Lilly asked him to leave.

Dave dropped ten drops in a glass and gulped it down. His tummy suddenly shrank, his butt shrunk and his clothes became big and roomy. Lilly looked disappointed. "Oh well there goes the fun."

"You want to see fun?" Dave dropped 20 drops of the gain drops in a glass and put on his emergency boxers and undershirt and his 600 pound button up shirt. He drank the water, enough to make him weigh more than 700 pounds. Lilly stared. Suddenly Dave's belly rounded out more and he began to gain back the lost weight. Within a minute he weighed 620, his shirt very tight. After a few more seconds the buttons began to pop off. Finally the enlargement stopped. Dave stood there, his belly sticking out a good 3-4 feet, sagging below his waist a good deal.

Lilly maneuvered around his belly and ran her hands around his back. She fondled his love handles for a while. Finally she pushed him out the bathroom door. They lived happily ever after, with Dave shifting from weight to weight as he pleased.
This is a male weight gain story, if this does not suit your tastes, find something else that does.

This was originally posted on Dimensions by El Gordito  I wanted to post it here for posterity. 

Full credit goes to the original author.

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DevHeart Featured By Owner May 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"He drank the water, enough to make him weigh more than 700 pounds. Lilly stared. Suddenly Dave's belly rounded out more and he began to gain back the lost weight. Within a minute he weighed 620," But wouldn't that be him losing the weight?
ruddiw Featured By Owner May 17, 2018
This isn't directed at you so much as EVERYONE who comments on this story and the others in my "Non-Original Stories" folder:

I did not write this story. I have never made that claim. In fact, I've made it pretty clear both in the description and in the fact that I wrote "By El Gordito" right at the top of this piece, that someone else is the author.
I added this years ago by directly copying and pasting the story here so that I (and the rest of the gainer culture as a whole) could enjoy it. As such, I did not change or edit any of the material. Any questions, comments, or concerns should be taken up with the original writer.
Ever since I've started writing and posting my own material, having these stories on my page has caused me great concern and embarrassment as it feels disingenuous that people think I wrote these ones. I've thought about deleting them repeatedly, but people who have favorited them have requested that I don't so that they may still enjoy them.
1disny Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017
Good story I liked it 
ruddiw Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017
Glad you enjoyed it.
Leopold002 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Not bad. I liked it!
ruddiw Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015
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