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A Wizard
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It's amazing...would u let me download this and use it in a card game I'm making ang give u credit for it
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I'm glad you liked it! Please send me a PM with information about the game and If the game is going to be sold or make any kind of profit, please send me your budget for the illustration as well. Thank you.
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no wizard could ever aspire to have an upright beard as arrant and natural as this guy's.

never.Nerdy Magic 
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A really mighty one drawing infinity with his magic.

I'd like to ask, if I may use this picture for my free card game licenced under creative commons. See my profile for examples, but I have to tell you that for game specific reasons I should cover your illustration with a semi transparent layer.
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I'm glad you liked it.

Sure, you may use it, but you have to give me the proper credit.
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But what do you think about? Your name will be printed at the bottom of the specific card, of course (Just like in Magic - The Gathering). I have some examplary cards in my profile, if you wish to see some.

(Shouldn't sound harsh. I'm not very good at english)
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So, sure, use it. I saw the samples and I liked them

(don't worry, I'm in the same position, english isn't my primary language XD)
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That's nice.

I've already made the card. Please check, if your name is correct. See the work here: [link]
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Best of luck in your project!
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que chulo!! O___O me encanta la mano!!
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Gracias, me alegra que te gustara! =D
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Whoah this looks so awesome!
Amazing job with the colours and lighting!
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You're welcome! ( :
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I love the movement in this. His hand is so expressive in that pose and the magic is well coloured too. Awesome Work !
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Thank you so much! =D
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a barbaro, has progresado a montones
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Muchas gracias Luis! =)
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