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[COMM] Bowling

I've never done this in my life... looks like fun tho!

commissioned by :iconsr100rbx:
Hope you like it!
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soarin about to rage QUIT
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Is that Soarin to the left?
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sister i wanna draw ery good! can you explain me hoy ou do draw so AWESOME
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That's not something you can explain xD Just practice... It's not like just by hearing how someone does something, you'll suddenly be good at it
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jeje, thanks xD, well yeah i will draw super good,and this moment i dont draw soooooo bad really, you think?
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AHHH!! THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL O MAH GAWD :D The angry pony in the other lane is a nice touch lol.
Thank you so much, this made my day :)

Edit: Almost forgot to mention the amazing background, the amount of detail is jaw-dropping!
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Thanks! I'm really glad you like it! :D
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I liked the background ... and the leg that is angry
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:iconshiningarmorplz: "Because bowling without magic is harder than it looks! :steaming:"
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The angry leg xD
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