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All the different patterns within the image make this piece very interesting to watch and they all see to flow into each other quite ef...

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Shu+Daigo-Beyblade Burst
Originally it was just going to be Shu but after I sketched him out I wanted to add Daigo to fill more space plus was still in the mood to draw a characters and why not draw one of my faves while I'm in the mood :3. Shu is a member of what is called the Supreme 4 who are 4 Bladers that made it far in the Nationals Tourament (one of the more cringe dub lines) I personally like to think they were the semi finalists of the previous year. His motivation is to defeat the main antagonist Lui who beta him in the previous year and gave him a scar by his left eye after sending his beyblade flying at him. Daigo is one of the main protagonists most supportive friends, there is this scene where everyone votes who faces Lui next after Valt (the main protagonist lost). Everyone voted for themselves but Daigo who voted for Valt as well as he believed he could win and it was a pretty touching scene TuT.

Drawing Shu was some good old trial and error as I drew out a rough version of his pose and then basically kept re drawing his arms, shoulders and body until I felt they matched up. Daigo by comparison was much easier to draw although the hands on hips pose is easier for me than crossed arms as the arms as I find drawing arms in front the body a bit hard sometimes. I like the contrast of their hair colours as due to the white and black tones, I also tried to make Daigo's name look more rough while I went with my usual smooth name style with Shu. I drew Daigo really quickly which I find kind of funny because usually when I draw two characters together I tend to get the second one drawn faster than the first although this time the pose was a factor. 
Koume Ogi
I actually found this character while looking up a character from a different series with the same second name (Spoiler plan on drawing the character who has the same second name :P). I chose to draw her as I really like her white kimono against the red skirt as I think red and white are a very nice colour combination which made the colouring stage quite enjoyable :3. I also saw a more casual outfit picture of her which I plan on drawing in the future as I think it looks cute plus Koume herself is quite adorable. I feel happy with the pose as I think it it looks kind of cool although the right sleeve was a bit of a pain to draw as it kept looking out of place.

For the drawing I started with the ribbon on her skirt as I felt it would of been easier to draw the skirt off it rather than the other way around which helped me get get it done pretty easily. I think the final result of both sleeves worked out well, I thought the left one wen't really well and I think the position as I think it is one of my better arm on waist poses. I felt her hair ribbons looked a little weird after the sketch but once coloured they looked a lot better due to them matching the colour of the skirt. I was not that certain about her ponytail as I felt it would of looked off when I drew it due to its position but I feel it came out better than expected.
Wen't with Momoji as my next drawing from this game as I like the snowman hanging off her waste bow tie as I think it looks really cute plus the kimono is quite graceful :3. This drawing was the easiest and least time consuming out of the three so far as I did not really need to do that many re draws as it was mostly just size/shape altering. I didn't draw the sandals that well as I'm still an amateur at drawing them o-o but one day I shall master them lol the socks came out decent though. I really like the leaf pattern on the kimono as it looks quite graceful plus the combination of red and blue worked out pretty well =^-^=.

I started with the neck for this drawing and it wen't mostly well until the left arm as I was a little confused on how to make it work as I feel the shoulder section was too thin compared to the rest of the sleeve. I didn't draw the lower section of her body until I drew the snowman as I wanted to draw the skirt section off it as  felt it was the best way to work out its position. I really like the arm positions as I think they give her a cool looking pose especially with the bent leg plus it makes me happy knowing how much more confident I am with bent arms :3. I was not exactly sure on the colour of the kimono as I saw blue but a slightly darker tone so I added a purple layer over the blue colour that I used, also made her hair blue gray as I kind of saw blue and gray within it.
Nature Berry Set-New Aura
Yeah so ugh I kind of forgot about wanting to do a second berry set last week due to wanting to draw a bunch of different stuff and I remembered about it last night so decided to draw them today. Here is the nature set of berries which I was happy to draw as their is no specific colour scheme for Nature aura so it was fun to rely on some more colour variation again :3. I wen't back to using Pokemon berries as so far I have used Neopets berries as an inspiration for most of the sets so a little inspiration variation was fun to try :aww:.

Voice Berry-Found in the Eternal Forest, are used to make the Voice of the Woods Potion but on their own have no effect however animals may act more friendly when offered one and they can only be grown in the Eternal Forest.
Elegance Berry-Found near the Capital, are used to make the Elegance of the Fields Berry but on its own can give the user aura to grow a single plant, it can only be grown between forests and lakes.
Springs Berry-Found by gentle streams, they are used to make the Springs of peace Potion but on its own can cause the eater to fall asleep peacefully, can be grown by steady streams of water or waterfalls.
Soul Berry-Can be found all over New Aura, they are used to make the Dew of the Soul Berry however on its own can cause the eater to lose control of their aura, they can be grown any where.
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I kind of get put off tagging people in these things due to not interacting with many people so if its cool will pass on tagging. 

1. How your day? Pretty good and calm.
2. What is one fact about you that you like to share with me? Wind use to be my favorite fantasy element.
3. Do you like anime? if so, what anime you been watch recently? if not, why? Yup and Shaman King is the last show I was proprely watching.
4. What color is your favorite? Yellow
5. How active are you in Deviant Art? I post daily and check my notifications a lot.
6. Is making art your hobby, your job, or both? Hobby
7. What moods you have right now? Quite Calm
8. Are you a talk-able person or shy person? Naturally I'm shy but I do try to go out of my way to talk to people and do feel a lot more confident than I use to.
9. What kind of music you listen to? Video game music :P
10. What is your favorite food? Crackers.
12. Beside anime, what western cartoon you enjoy watching? Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (could honestly list a tonne of older Cartoon Network shoes but this one is my favorite).


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