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All the different patterns within the image make this piece very interesting to watch and they all see to flow into each other quite ef...

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Cosmos-Fairy Tail
She is a member of a group called the Garou Knights also referred to as the executioners but all they really do is fight the protagonists as they try to help 2 captured members escape a castle. I have been tempted to draw Cosmos for almost a week and pretty much gave in tonight as I found an image that I thought would be great to draw (finding an image that shows off her eyes without cutting off most of her body was a challenge to find). Cosmos has a bunch of plant based abilities which I think works with her outfit as it has a very nature like colour scheme, I may draw some of the other executioners as honestly I kind of find them cool their fight was just shown in the middle of another fight which was kind of a pain to watch.

For this drawing I drew out the skirt first and I think it came out a lot better than the one earlier as I got a clearer shot of its pattern plus the layered style looks nice especially with the light green tone. The arms across her body pose came out quite well although the left hand was by her face in the original I just find scaling arms hard when the are at a bent position. Her skin and outfit are originally paler, for the skin I struggled to brighten it with my white pencil while for the outfit I worried about the brighter pink not standing out. Her hair came out really well though, honestly I think drawing where the hair is wider on one side tend to go really well for me and I think the points flow really well plus its always fun to colour hair pink as it looks adorable.
Yoshiko Tsushima-Love Live
Had other anime drawings in mind but felt like going for a more relaxed one with a Love Live character, still have a couple of these pictures to draw from :3. I picjed a Yoshiko one as I think this is my first drawing of her plus I'm a huge fan of book holding poses as they look really cool and it is always fun to draw books as the open look adds a nice touch to drawings. The pose came out pretty well although the right leg was a bit more covered than by the left one in the original image also the original made her look like she is at more of an angle which I feel I didn't really capture the look of. The outfit colours came out quite nice as the white shirty and hat looks really pretty, the skirt colours don't flow as well though o-o.

For this drawing I drew out the boot first as I worked from bottom to top, I was going to start with the skirt but I felt I would of messed up drawing the legs off of it so drew them out first. The right side of the shirt is too flat as originally it curved in words a little I just kept re drawing the outline as I felt I was drawing too many folds and didn't add the curve on my final attempt. Her hair came out really nice =^-^=, I re drew the tips a couple of times but in the end they came out nice also I coloured it blue gray then added a blue time to brighten it a bit which worked out nicely. The Love Live style is always fun to draw so I may end up looking for more images from the series as every time I draw for it they come out really well and the outfits always look cute or pretty.
Sully-Fire Emblem Awakening
Sorry for being putting this series to the side a lot just its getting harder and harder to pick a character to draw o-o, Sully is an interesting character though as she is a tomboy who can't cook and he daughter is the same which is really cute :3. She is introduced in the second level alongside Virion and they have a conversation where Virion tries to flirt and she strokes him off, I do like to use her I just tend not to level her up as much so she falls behind other characters. I think I had her marry Kellam first but don't remember their supports as it has been a few years since my first run, I kind of like her ones with Chrom as if I remember correctly she initially is annoyed at him for treating her different due to her gender. Her red armour looks really cool and is one of my favourite sets as its colour and design just really stand out to me for some reason, would kind of be interested to see what she looks like with long hair.

This drawing was pretty easy to get through =^-^= (I feel very confident with drawing armour now so prepare yourself Kellam :P), my only gripe is I feel the drawing came out too thin. The pose looks really cool though, in the original image her hand was by her face but I messed up the angle of the left arm but her hand being behind her head does work. The material in the centre of her body is suppose to be a cloth but trying to separate its look from the gray sections of her armour was a bit of a pain as I made them the same tone of gray, I tried to use blue gray to separate them but it didn't separate the tones that much. The staff came out quite nice too as I thought the shape of the blade looked really cool and it was nice to try out here, this drawing went a lot better than expected as I thought it would take longer due to the armour.
Anabelle Fallshu-Sina's Magic
Feels like its been a while since I last drew a character for this story but here is a character who will be the main antagonist of the first time skip story as the first arc idea will be the Phantom Kingdom vs the Night Kingdom. Not fully sure on how exactly the story will go but the idea is the Night Kingdom will lose a lot of its influence and presence leading to it being attacked and left in ruin with its survivors being bitter and hating the other Kingdoms for not helping them. Also the story will take place after a 2 year time skip.

Name and Age-Anabelle Fallshu (20)
Magical Form-Possession (Controls Shadows)
Title-Conjurer/Night Kingdom Leader
Home-The Night Magical Kingdom
Team-No longer a member of a team
Background-Anabelle was a student in the Night Academy at the same time as Wyhui and developed a crush on him, they were teamed together in the final exam and both passed. However Wyhui didn't want to join a team right away as he wanted to wait for his most ideal allies, while Anabelle worked her way up the rankings hoping to one day become one of the Kingdoms officials.

Design-Her outfit was inspired by a hooded character with a vampire like outfit (I have had the image for a while wanting to design her, tonight I decided to just go for it as I was in the mood fore making a Magician oc). I used black for her outfit decorations as I wanted to make them stand out as much as I could (they are menat to be crescent moons if its not clear) also the gray and black combo came out really nice. I gave her a lilac purple as her magic colour and pink hair as I thought the bright colours would look nice against her more dark colour scheme plus the pink hair kind of makes her look cute :D.
Lately I have been really into the Turbo series and it reminded me of just how much I love the Burst saga so have been contemplating doing a list of 5 of my favorite battles. Skipping past Shogun Steel as I was not motivated enough to make a list for it but when I am I shall plus feel bad for not listing a Metal Fury Battle in the Metal Saga so will give that a post as well. This list will only be for the first 2 series as I'm still watching through Turbo plus it has a mostly new cast so its unique enough to get its own list ;).

Number 5-Valt vs Wakiya
These two are pretty much polar opposites as Valt is a fun loving Blader who is a bit of an amateur but always came from behind to win his tournament battles while Wakiya takes Blading seriously and constantly trains and only views one character as competition. In the first match Valt is able to psuh Wakiya's bey closer and closer by having his bey rotate around the arena and gets a ring out (up to this point Valt always lost the first battle so this was a great formula breaking moment). Wakiya took round 2 as he got more serious and used a counter attack where when his bey is hit it comes straight back down the ramp to hit an opponents bey and he tied up the score. The rest of the battle involves the two using their previous strategies leading to a series of ties but Valt eventually gets the burst winning 3-1, Wakiya was a great early series antagonist and Valt over coming him was an amazing moment.

Number 4-Joshua vs Daigo
The story aspect of this battle was simply amazing, Joshua is a movie star and tends to lose the first match to do the whole the hero always makes a triumphant comeback cliché. But Daigo calls him out on it stating he lures people into a false sense of security and states all he has to do is get a burst to win and uses a double strike special attack. However the first strike one sends Joshua's bey flying before the second one could get him the burst. In the second match Joshua stops holding back as he starts guarding against Daigo's attacks. He eventually sends him flying with his special attack but Daigo uses his double strike to bounce off the ball and attacks again but Joshua fights back and both beys go flying. Daigo's in mid air while Joshua's is about to land out of the arena but Daigo's bey burst half a second before Joshua's lands, Joshua wins 2-1 but words can't express how excited I was to see Daigo potentially win and then sad at him losing by half a second.

Number 3-Silas vs Free
They face off quite a few times but the one I'm picking is there match in the team championship as Free's bey has the ability to use the spin steal (in the show its when a left rotating bey can increase its spin by decreasing a right rotating beys spin). But Silas is able to time his attacks and prevent his bey from losing any of its energy and when Free's bey is wobbling he goes for a final strike but Free counters with something called Slow Motion Burst. This is a thing introduced in Evolution where when a left rotating bey is low on energy can burst a right rotating bey charging at it at a high speed (probably explains it in the sub but I'm guessing it involves stealing all energy at once). This battle is pretty short but it helps to showcase how strategic Silas is and also highlights how Free is a Blader that's very difficult to out match.

Number 2-Ren Wu Sun vs Valt, Kuza and Rantaro
This is the first multi opponent battle I have added woop, honestly adding this battle as I feel Ren Wu Sun had the strongest debut out of the Big 5 since he defeated these 3 who are all protagonists in a single battle. Ren Wu basically envisions the paths each bey will take and he wastes no time eliminating Cuza as he wanted to take Ren Wu head on, Valt and Rantaro decide to double team him but he switches his bey to defence mode and eliminates Rantaro while Valt survives. Valt then fails to use his special attack and Ren Wu finishes him off and he scored a Burst on all three of his opponents, again I love this battle as it did an amazing job of showing off how skilled a Big 5 member was plus it put pressure on the protagonist as this was before their semi final match against Ren Wu's team in the Team Championship Tournament.

Number 1-Shu vs Lui
They also battle a few times and I'm picking the one from the semi finals of the National Tournament in series 1, this is a battle between the rival and main antagonist (Lui gave Shu a scar he is one of the only bladers to get under Shu's skin). In the first battle Shu debuts a new special attack and burst Lui's bey pretty much instantly (this is a 3 point match). In the second battle Shu dodges an attack and tries to counter but Lui simply turns his back and hits him with his own an attack and sends Shu's bey towards Valt as if he wanted to give him a scar to but only gets a ring out. In the final battle they exchange a series of attacks and eventually push each other back with it looking like Lui's bey is about to lose to a sleep out but Shu's bey bursts. However the tip of his bey kept spinning while Lui's bey stopped spinning (I absolutely loved this scene as it showed how determined Shu was to win), Lui won the match 3-2 but it felt like Shu could of won as his bey was damaged from a previous battle which caused his ring to split in the battle.
Valt vs Lui was also an amazing match but Shu against Lui got me more into the battle plus it is probably my all time favorite semi final match.


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