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All the different patterns within the image make this piece very interesting to watch and they all see to flow into each other quite ef...

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Shaoki's Sacred Aura Costume-Windoua
Lately been in the mood for doing another costume, Shaoki is my favorite Windoua character s she gets the outfit drawn but her main one is very simple compared to every other aura character so I chose her sacred aura outfit. Thinking about it now I should of drew a secondary one I gave her but this was fun and worth it, it s suppose to be Samurai based as when she uses Sacred aura she inherits the energy from a Samurai. She usually has her hair tied back and I attached the hairband to her side as that's normally where it is, I thought about attacking to the head but I felt it wouldn't go with her appearance. I was expecting this to be much harder than the previous two outfits but it was actually very straight forward, also random fact whenever I draw this outfit I end up making Shaoki look taller thna she normally is.

For this drawing I decided to start off with the belt as I thought drawing the right sleeve would make laying out this drawing a lot easier due to their being multiple sections by the chest area. The skirt was kind of the part I worried about the most as I was worried about making it too wide/long but I think it came out looking okay, the transition into the trousers looks a bit off though. I think I should of made the left sleeve a bit longer too, I usually focus on trying to make arms have an even length which makes me forget an arm covered by a sleeve should look longer but design wise I'm happy with them. Finally I tried thinning the legs a little as in older versions of the outfit I felt the legs were too wide and I feel they came out looking better than the older attempt =^-^=.
Monkey and Pansage Again
Another drawing for :iconwildmonkey13: as I just have a lot of fun drawing their character with Pansage as I think they make a great combo and wanted to try out drawing a different outfit. I wanted to try out a stripe shirt with there being more stripes on the sleeves  and then I tried to match the white and pink colours with a shirt her character has. I drew Pansage with its arm raised to try and make them seem more supportive and under them is suppose to be an apple like garden (wanted to throw in some sort of nature thing). Also used pigtails again cause they usually come out cure at some point I may give Pansage them as that could be a fun little thing to try out. In the future I may try out another gijinka based one, I contemplated it here but could not find one I was a fan off and I tend work on later drawings like this more quickly so didn't want to think up a costume sorry.

For her trousers I used a cross hatching pattern using red and purple but I tried to do a repeating pattern with red squares only being next to purple ones but I made a few of the red one 2 squares wide oopsies. Sometimes I find matching the size of boots a pain, especially the toe section so sorry for un evenness. I think the bag came out looking goo though, I kind of contemplated a backpack but the handbag style in the drawing I used to help me looked quite cool (if its cool could I ask a bag preference Monkey, for future stuff? :D). Honestly had fun with this drawing and in the future may try other ones with different Pokemon I just think Pansage is a good partner fro them =^-^=.
Emily Black outfit re draw
I didn't realize till I looked up the name but the original version of this was the last portrait I drew of her lol, I think this came out a lot better but the image is still hard for me to draw from. I have wanted to re draw this since the first version but I partly put it off due to feeling the picture was hard to work from and also loosing motivation to draw stuff of her. I had two other idea for today but was like nah I feel like drawing this instead last night, this week is probably going to be a throw out random drawing ideas week. I changed the right arms position as originally it had both her arms across her body but I did not feel like drawing both arms bent as I feel the arm by her side looks a lot better and more graceful.

For this drawing I wanted to start by drawing her head but then I wen't with the legs to work as it has become my preferred drawing style with half body drawings like this. Also the scenery came out looking better than the original's as the houses look less flat and basic also drew the fence as I think they give scenes a more interesting and layer look. The sunglasses were one the parts I looked least forward too as I feel objects that don't show eyes look weird in my style but here I feel they came out decent. I drew her hair flowing to the side this time as I kept it flat last time, I also tried to tone it a bit more and I feel both made her hair look much better. Last time I made her trousers blue gray and the jacket black however this time I switched their colours which makes it look better as her t-shirt and trousers look like they flow into each other.
Choose Your Partner-Heiphos Starters
On Sunday night I decided that it would be fun to design some Pokemon starters for the region my Poke stories take place in, I came up with the ideas for the Grass and Fire animals quite easily but the water one was hard to pick for. In the future I may make mid and final evolutions for these guys but for now I will stick with the baby forms :D.

Firecho-The Fire Bat Pokemon, I chose a bat as I think the bat Pokemon tend to have cute or cool looking designs also I think fire bats in the Zelda series are cool enemies so why not make a fire bat starter ;). I gave it flame designs across its body and orange as its main body colour as I find those to be common design features for the fire starters and I think they came out decent.

Leause-The Grass Mouse Pokemon, I wen't with a mouse for this starter as I felt it would of been an interesting choice for the Grass typing plus I thought a mouse would be cute (I almost wen't with a bear but the mouse idea was more tempting). Initially it was just going to have a leaf on its head but then I decided to add a few more, I kind of hope the back one looks like a cape as I think that would be super cute. I feel very proud of its colour scheme as the pink goes nicely with the green tones and its my favorite out of the three.

Hipour-The Water Hippo Pokemon and I'm proud of how lazy I made its name :P, I struggled to pick a water animal and eventually chose a hippo as I'm amazed they have not done a water one yet. I gave it a bunch of bubbles and stream like water flows on its body as I thought they would give off a graceful design, I was concerned about designing this one the most but I think its came out well :aww:.
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I kind of get put off tagging people in these things due to not interacting with many people so if its cool will pass on tagging. 

1. How your day? Pretty good and calm.
2. What is one fact about you that you like to share with me? Wind use to be my favorite fantasy element.
3. Do you like anime? if so, what anime you been watch recently? if not, why? Yup and Shaman King is the last show I was proprely watching.
4. What color is your favorite? Yellow
5. How active are you in Deviant Art? I post daily and check my notifications a lot.
6. Is making art your hobby, your job, or both? Hobby
7. What moods you have right now? Quite Calm
8. Are you a talk-able person or shy person? Naturally I'm shy but I do try to go out of my way to talk to people and do feel a lot more confident than I use to.
9. What kind of music you listen to? Video game music :P
10. What is your favorite food? Crackers.
12. Beside anime, what western cartoon you enjoy watching? Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (could honestly list a tonne of older Cartoon Network shoes but this one is my favorite).


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