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All the different patterns within the image make this piece very interesting to watch and they all see to flow into each other quite ef...

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Agato Zen-Beyblade oc
Here is a character who I plan on making the main antagonist, his backstory will be that he faced Kenjo in a tournament final and lost then was mocked by him. The embarrassment he felt will push him towards bitterness and his goal will be to pay back Kenjo which I will let him do ;) but when it comes to the main protagonist he will probably out class them for the most part as I prefer hero villain feuds where the villain mostly wins. His Beyblade is called Fallen Draconus which will be an attack type, contemplated giving it a fire colour scheme but feel I have used too many hot colour schemes for Beyblade oc stuff. Personality wise he will be more distant and arrogant as he won't be a fan of socializing or being friends with people plus will consider himself stronger than everyone else.

His design was inspired by Glen from Beywheelz as I really like how outfit and I thought dragon designs would look nice along side it plus I tried to give him more spiked up hair (its a style I don't draw that well sorry). Originally I wanted to give him a red colour scheme outfit but after deciding to colour his Beyblade green I wanted to match his outfit colours with it as villains wearing brighter outfits can look kind of cool. On the bottom of his coat I tried to draw some thin dragons plus on the top of his trousers I drew a fang pattern, felt I could of added more dragon designs but those were the two ideas I had. Still wanted to use his red for his design so made his hair and eyes red for the same colour combo and his shoes to show off the red in colour scheme a bit more.
Dashie Hopkins Groundpounding
This was another request from :iconrosesstella2007: where they wanted me to draw this character ground pounding a Jack o'Lantern, this this gave me Mario vibes I wanted to try and give this scene a Mario level theme. Initially I was going to save this drawing for the weekend but decided to switch to today as I don't have that many drawings planned so thought may as well get it done. Honestly this made me want to do some sort of warp pipes based drawing as it was something I added last second and it was a concept in the games I liked :3. Kind of wanted to add more to the scene but probably outside of these objects I could not think of much other blocks to add.

For the most part this drawing was easy but the annoying part was drawing the ground pounding pose as the best knees was a pain to draw out and even on this attempt they look off but I feel I kind of pulled off a sitting position. After I drew out the legs the rest of the character was pretty easy, only issue was trying to balance the lengh of the arms but the outwards positions were a nice different touch to use here. I made the Jack o'Lantern a block as I thought it would suite the Mario level theme a lot better if it was a block plus I feel really proud of the item block as its design came out pretty nice here. 
Rin Suzuki (Ponytail)-Bamboo Blade
I have wanted to do this drawing from time to time over the past couple of months and finally went for it today as I was in the mood for drawing a character from Bamboo Blade. This is from the last episode where Rin and the main protagonists Tama meet up to go watch the movie for a show they are both a fan of and both got acting roles in :3. The scene itself is at a train station thus my bad attempt at drawing the gates plus the time table at the top, drew this for the outfit though as I think it makes Rin look cool. Wish they did more with her in the show as she only faced Tama and her taking on an antagonist called Konishi would of been a great way to show case her skill. Hoping to get back into drawing characters from this show again as I still have a bunch of drawings I want to do as I also contemplated a table scene with Rin.

Sorry if this drawing came out more cartoony than my previous anime drawings (she came out a bit shorter than the original plus her outfit came out more simple than I expected too). I struggled a bit to draw her cardigan as when I tried to draw the creases its shape looked off plus found it a bit of a pain to size her on one attempt I felt it looked too tall. The right arm was also a bit of a pain to draw bending as I felt I made the angle look off but kind of think it came out okay my main gripe is the shoulder looks like its missing. Feel really happy with how the ponytails came out as I think the flow came out well along side her outfit, the object by her right hand is a bag strap sorry thought I should mention as the blue tone looks close to her hair colour.
Zac the Sunrise-Beyblade Burst
Zac is someone I strongly contemplated for my first character drawing for this saga of Beyblade but then Free stole the spot with his chill personality lol. Zac is basically a celebrity singer in the series which initially I was not a fan of banning one scene where he used string to make it look like he was flying but some shots of the scene actually had the string sparkle which was a pretty cool effect. Then the turning point episode, in one episode he completely owned Wakiya and beat the main protagonist Valt in a single round setting up two of my most favorite rivalries. Valt eventually beats Zac in a tournament semi final which felt like a big deal since Zac had beat him so easily and typically looked stronger than him but I'm sad Wakiya did not get a re match. He is a member of a group called the Supreme Four along side Shu and two others who I will probably draw in the future, they are basically considers 4 of the strongest Bladers in Japan.

I had a lot of fun drawing this pose as neither the arms or leg positions were as stressful as I was expecting them to be although the left hand grasp didn't come out well. His hair had a wider flow in the original image but I feel happy enough with my attempt at drawing it I chose not to work on it more plus as a whole I just feel happy with how Zac came out. His belt has a Z symbol it (mentioning in case it does not stand out that well) plus I really like how his outfit is just gray as one of my favorite things about Beyblade is that not all characters have overly decorative costumes.
Posting this alongside the cake as I didn't post a drawing at my usual time due to sleeping a lot longer then playing Super Mario Party so my schedule was really messed up today o-o.
Twas tagged by :iconbr0k3n-m4tr1x:

1. Post the Rules.
2. Write 8 facts about one of your characters.
3. Tag 8 people.

The character I shall choose is Suecell (based off my Pokemon story

1. She is the only character who currently owns a Legendary Pokemon.
2. She joined the Elite Four at the age of 11 making her the youngest to join in the region.
3. She became the Champion at the age of 17 after defeating her rival who had previously defeated her when she was in the Elite Four.
4. Milotic became her ace Pokemon as she did not want to constantly rely on Suicune's power.
5. So far Suecell and her rival Salisha are the only two trainers to have a 6 on 6 battle as they faced each other.
6. Despite a Piplup t-shirt being her favorite shirt she barely uses her Empoleon.
7. Her original design had her hair in a ponytail but after that I decided she would prefer to have her hair down.
8. She is currently yet to be challenged for her title of Pokemon Champion of Heiphos.

I'm kind of too tired to think of 8 people to tag sorry so if anyone wants to do this feel free to pretend I tagged you lol.


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