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Umasou's Family

I'm in the final stretch of my winter college term so I felt like drawing something more simple and lighthearted to brighten up my mood a bit. :) For those of you that haven't seen it, 'You Are Umasou' is an underrated gem of an anime movie that I really wanted to draw some fanart for ever since I finished my older 'Leafie: A Hen into the Wild' picture here. :aww: I mentioned before in an older anime review I did of this movie that I headcannon that, by the end, Heart and his adoptive 'son' Umasou live out the rest of their days happily with Pero Pero as a mixed-dino family. :love: Pero Pero gets a special mention from me because she is a very kind, positive example of a predator that provides the stable companionship that Umasou needed when dealing with his inner conflict over his carnivore anxiety and his own moral compass. :heart: So in short, I think Pero Pero would be a good 'mother' figure to match Heart's 'father' figure to Umasou. :meow:

Rarely have I pushed myself to do any water effects because I personally find it hard to do it right within my stylistic limitations, but I do not mind the results I came up with for now. :nod:

'You Are Umasou' © Aija-do Animation Works
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Awww! I was wondering what the You Are Umasou characters would look like in your style, and you drew them really cutely. :love: Your idea of Pero Pero being like a mother figure to match Heart's father figure to Umasou is a sweet one. :aww:

I also love how you did the water effects with the little details like the shading and the water ripples. :D

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