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Squeaks on the Loose!

In the course of starting my (newer) GameBoy Advance collection, I completed 'Kirby: Squeak Squad' a few months ago (one of the more underrated video games I played occasionally during my childhood). :D (Big Grin) I don't see enough Kirby fanart featuring Daroach's gang of thieves (with the overarching Dark Nebula villain here :o (Eek)), so I decided to rectify that! :thumbsup:

It still amuses me that this game all started off because Kirby REALLY wanted his strawberry shortcake slice and he thought the thieves stole it from him. Never get between a voracious, adorable alien and his appetite I guess. XD 

'Kirby: Squeak Squad' © HAL Laboratory & Nintendo
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I've never played the Kirby games myself, but I've always thought the character designs have a huge charm to them, and you captured them well with them being suited to your artstyle. :aww:

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You should play them, they're so awesome!