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My Ravenclaw Persona

An in-betweener piece of art before the larger pieces I'm planning, I decided to draw a 'Harry Potter' version of myself after I, on a whim, took the official Pottermore tests to determine aspects of my Hogwarts house, animal companion, wand, and Patronus. :) 'Harry Potter' is a franchise that I have fond memories of reading the books as an adolescent AND re-watching the movies numerous times with others because I feel like it is a good 'gateway' series into the genre of fantasy. :aww: 

I was pretty happy to see that my resulting Hogwarts house was Ravenclaw - as the house focused on wit, knowledge, and creativity, I have not felt like I aligned more with any other fictional faction or house. :D My Patronus came out as the stout, a cute, but deadly weasel-like predator with the following description:

"Those who cast a stoat as their Patronus are curious, creative, and very feisty. These individuals know what they are passionate about and will pursue the things they truly love with great ambition. A stoat Patronus normally appears for witches and wizards who are fantastic problem solvers and who can think outside of the box. Typically these individuals are mischievous and are finding themselves getting into trouble, but this makes them a fun friend. A stoat Patronus symbolizes one's resilience to hard times. They are clever, quirky, and are very unique. There’s no denying that they bring light to the party and are always ready for the next fun adventure."

I had to include the noble hippogriff Buckbeak in this picture too because he is one of my favourite magical creatures from the series. :love: It is only fitting too because birds like eagles, crows, and ravens are heavily associated with Ravenclaw. :heart:

'Harry Potter' © J.K. Rowling
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Awww, I am more of a Hufflepuff girl! :D

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I can see that, since the Hufflepuff houses focuses on compassion, loyalty, and companionship. :aww:

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Awww, yayz! :squee:I am so happy to hear that, my dear! :cuddle: