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Princess of Loyalty
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Published: August 30, 2012
Rainbow Dash - the Princess of Loyalty. Sorry I had to add the watermark due way too many thieves. :(

★Main six Alicorn Princesses series, here it is Dashie ^w^ I deliberately inspired by her Gala Dress, 'cause i think the laurel wreath and roman/greek style fits on her sooo well X3 yes... i think this is my fav. (:

★NEXT: Pinkie... Pie... O.O

★Other Main Six Alicorn Princesses:
Twilight Sparkle Rarity Fluttershy AppleJack Pinkie Pie

☆ ☆ ☆

Rainbow Dash
The Lady of Loyalty, the Weathersmith
Intermediate deity
Alignment: CG
Domains: Celerity, Competition, Weather, Good, War, Air
Portfolio: Camaraderie, sport, speed, warfare

Rainbow Dash is honoured by many a competitive individual. Her blessing is sought on races and other tests of prowess, and also on partnerships. Brash and quick to assume, her relations with other deities are strained regularly.

Check out this amazing Pony Pantheon by ~Saphroneth to see other deities' descriptions.


Ps. They are going to be all with the same posture for various reasons. I want them differ from each other only by manes&tales, coat colors, eyes and jewelery. This is 'cause i wanna show up their characteristics and not their attitude.
Another reason is because i think some postures are better than others, and i don't want that one work result better because the posture is more cool, or well done. I hope i explained decently, ask me if it doesnt. XD

So... hope you like it.*-*
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CatWoman-cali-onyx's avatar
CatWoman-cali-onyxHobbyist General Artist
Rainbow must be very excited right about now! ;) :D Nod La la la la Clap 
alexwarlorn's avatar
Now that she has earth pony super strength, imagine how freakishly powered she is now! 
foldabotZ's avatar
foldabotZHobbyist Photographer
And unicorn Magic too!
alexwarlorn's avatar
Does she have the patience to learn it? 
foldabotZ's avatar
foldabotZHobbyist Photographer
If she and the rest of the Alicorn 6 are immortals, she has a LOT of time to learn and she will NEED patience.
alexwarlorn's avatar
By the time they're colonizing other galaxies, she might have it down. Ha ha! 
RosieDrawsArt's avatar
RosieDrawsArtHobbyist Digital Artist
Galaxy-Sparks's avatar
Galaxy-SparksStudent Artist
Sorry for saying this, but someone stole this stole this piece of art of yours
I'll send you link
HHipfner's avatar
Sorry, I am new here but is there a way I can purchase a copy of this picture to print without the watermark?
HHipfner's avatar
Is there a way I can purchase a copy without the watermark on it?
LuvHades5's avatar
OMG SHE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Rainbow Dash is (I think) my favorite mlp.
lupus1970's avatar
Well, at least the watermark isn't as distracting as some
dashnluna77's avatar
i was wondering if i could use ur mane six as alicorns art for a video if not it is ok also this is my gmail
Deviant-MCMXII's avatar
Totally saving this to my phone as a wallpaper, with your permission of course!
Love it so very much, beautiful artistry! :D
daisydawolf's avatar
daisydawolfProfessional Artist
Rainbow dash look awesome and I love the wings
Mewnna-Caythin's avatar
Mewnna-CaythinStudent Digital Artist
Someone posted this without your permission;
SaryTheWolf's avatar
SaryTheWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Love the shoes.
SongbirdRebel's avatar
She  and the rest of the Mane Six looks AWESOME! :+fav:
tmnt4132's avatar
She looks so awe-some and bad ass
rainbowdashfanic's avatar
rainbowdashfanicProfessional Artist

castlequeen430's avatar
That's so pretty and it looks so real!!!
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