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So I just did my very first commission Peace 2 by RubyofBlue,

and I'd like to open it up for more people! 

COMMISSION INFO (price varies with size & level of complexity, and is negotiable):

Without Backgrounds:
Sketch: $10-$15
Detailed Sketch: $25-$40
Cel-Shaded: $20-$25
Detailed Painting: $30-$45

With Backgrounds:
Sketch: $20-$30
Detailed Sketch: $45-$75
Cel-Shaded: $30-$50
Detailed Painting: $50-$90

Sketch: A black and white pencil drawing.
Detailed Sketch: A pencil drawing with shading, lighting, and grayscale color.
Cel-Shaded: Cleaned up and colored in simple colors similar to cartoons and anime.
Detailed Painting: A cleaned up and fully painted piece with shading, lighting, textures, etc. The works.

For extra large or extra complex pictures with complicated backgrounds (ex., an extremely wide shot of a forest or landscape) or a lot of characters (ex., 3 or more), expect the price to go up a bit higher than the averages listed. Prices are negotiable, of course. Contact me at
Update video talking about a bunch of stuff like live streaming and Patreon.

Time lapse of keyframe cleanup on two clips. At the end of the video is a preview of them plus two bonus clips.

Time lapse of working on the first shot of the next part, three processes. 

Timelapse video of cleanup of the keyframes and shadow markup:

Another time lapse update video for my animated series.

Update for my animated series. I show adding detail and shadow markup on top of the rough animation. 
I'll post links to episode 2 of my one-man anime series :) You can really see how much I've improved with just these three parts.

I'd like to post links to my ambitious Pokemon anime project I'm posting on YouTube.