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Resident Evil 2 Remake Claire Classic Costume Edit

By RubyofBlue
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So I lost my shit as soon as the classic costumes were revealed for Resident Evil 2 remake. Leon looks pretty much perfect (though I thought his redesign looked perfect already). Claire, while I'm REALLY happy she gets a classic costume option, it was missing some key features that made it look sub par. You can view it here:…

So, I took it upon myself to photoshop her wearing her classic costume to more closely match the original, giving her the undershirt, and forearm-high gloves. I also took this opportunity to give her more strands of bangs, and make her hair more brownish red, like it always has been. I edited her face to more closely resemble her Darkside Chronicles and Degeneration face. And lastly, I elongated her boots and made them brown, like they were in the original. This is what she should look like with her classic costume. I have no idea why they neglected to include her shirt and gloves.
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Oh my god! This looks so much better!!! i really dont understand why they destroyed her classic costume. its so fucking ugly!!!

Your version is awesome!!! :love:
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Well done! I too have been ranting at how poorly the new RE2 costume is for Claire. Where did her turtleneck and gloves go, right?
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The classic costume claire deserves
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Great work, thank you for this edit. I really love it. Capcom have to do it like that way in the first place.
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I love your edit so much more than the redesigned classic they gave us 😭
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nicely done would not mind having one with the shirt and one without just so everyone is happy
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she is drop, dead, gorgeous!
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i like all the details that are other than the sleeves that you did, the different hair and face is interesting - makes me wonder if they could have made claire's hair a different colour for this costume or blonder for the elza costume lol
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Thank you so much for this!

Why was Capcom so lazy on her outfit but got Leon right?!
I get it, it looks goofy, but this is a bonus costume so why not go full 90s goofiness with it?! We already have a realistic approach with the new outfit, so at least get the classic outfit right...
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