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Peace 2

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Shade could tell Shredder was asleep by now. He could feel his heartbeat slow, and his breathing steady with a light snore that he always found so funny. Shade just laid there, eyes glowing in the dark, reveling in the comfort, feeling such a peaceful happiness wash over him that he could be lucky enough to have such a wonderful mate to live, laugh with, and love. He noticed the blanket had been kicked off of them. He wanted to pull it up but... that would mean partially detaching from his mate's tight, warm grasp. That certainly wouldn't do, so this was fine. Besides, Shade's thick coat would keep Shredder warm anyway.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! This was a commission for sonicmega (Shredder's voice actor), also my first commission ever! You can consider this a sequel to this image:…

As of now, I'm open to commissions. PM me or e-mail me at if you want to discuss. 
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Love it! It's gay in so many ways. I love it though. You should do one with Shredder and Shade kissing on the lips.
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broooo like imagine liking pokemon
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As an aspiring pansexual Pokémon Trainer, I love how absolutely affectionate these two are. Hell, I'm envious of their trainers.
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Awe, cute!


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Hhhh there they're so cute together!!
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This is a very sweet picture of the two. ^^
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Aw that is adorable. A nice little scene of those brief moments when two lovers are able to sit back and enjoy each other company, without fear of troubles coming about to ruin it.
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make another one of these pics. The relationship between them is amazing!   
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How much would it cost for a commission pic similar to this?
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With the complex background, $65-$70. A simplified background would drop the price. See here for my info:…
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I'm just so jealous of Shade right now! I also want a mate to cuddle with me!
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Too adorable for me.
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I am so in love
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Adorable! DD: Theyre still such a cute couple XD I really liked that little story in the description too!
It's cool that even the voice actors love the work enough to commission for it ^^ truly shows how everyones putting their hearts into this project!
happy valentines day!
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Oooooo I love this shading!!!
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owo Awwww so wonderful
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Ahhhhhhhhh too adorable ;w; Perfect for Valentine's Day <3
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Ahw cute cant wait till the next episode ^-^
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